AUGUST 13th 2019

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

I have a lot of great memories from my youth of listening to Arizona’s Sacred Reich , the band had a Bay Area sound, but came from a land locked state. My introduction to Sacred Reich was via the album ‘The American Way’ in 1990 via Z-ROCK, a syndicated radio station based out of Texas,  the song “The American Way” was on regular rotation on their airwaves as well as on MTV. Singer/bassist Phil Rind has a unique, nasally, aggressive vocal that makes Sacred Reich instantly identifiable amongst thrash community. The band was not afraid to get political or write about social issues in their music, they are one of the few acts that I think did that really well, without taking away from the grooves and barrage of riffage. The 1993 follow up ‘Independent’ was another gem for the thrash metal act, who had previously generated critical acclaim with ‘The American Way.’  

Unlike some of the other thrash acts of the day, who had gained momentum in the late 80s into the 90s, Sacred Reich was not able to get their footing and by 1996 they would release ‘Heal’ which was respectable effort,  but it went virtually ignored. The band disbanded shortly thereafter, though we did get a live album ‘Still Ignorant’ in 1997, that could likely be ‘it’ for the great Sacred Reich.

Phil Rind has resuscitated Sacred Reich in 2006 and in 2012 the issued a killer live DVD ‘Live At Wacken’ which showcased the latest incarnation of Sacred Reich. Fast Forward to 2019, the band has a new record titled appropriately ‘Awakening,’ they’ve enlisted producer Arthur Rizk [Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy] for their ‘comeback’ studio effort. They’ve also reunited with Metal Blade Records for the new effort.  If you’re a fan of Sacred Reich, then you will ‘Awakening’ will be right up your alley, you can play this album right alongside ‘Ignorance,’ ‘The Amercan Way,’ and ‘Independent’ and it will slot in right in with those albums seamlessly. Rind remains as venomous as ever lyrically and vocally and the band? POTENT!
If you liked the band before, songs like, “Awakening,” Killing Machine,”“Death Valley” and “Manifest Reality” will have you appreciating their most anticipated album their career---that much more. Sacred Reich will support ‘Awakening’ this fall with a ‘choice’ support slot on the Gwar tour. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to hear some new tunes in their set.