AUGUST 21st 2019

Review by Metallic Barbie
Photos by Peter Ruttan


Hank. Von. Hell. Going no further than that it’s impossible not to be intrigued. And who wouldn’t be? Especially when those three little words stand for big cocky fun with beats to spare.
Reminiscent of a young Alice Cooper, this five-piece – fronted by Hans Erik Dyvik Husby (formerly of Turbonegro) – is all about attitude and persona superimposed over a classic punk-metal-rock vibe. Complete with face paint and avant-gard garb, Hank Von Hell delivered to a modest audience at the Rickshaw on Tuesday night. Opening with crowd-pleaser “Egomania”, complete with “Blood”, “Dirty Money”, “Bum to Bum”, and “Erection” (among others), fans were unilaterally considered “All My
Friends” at the closer. The band acted the band and the people sponged it up with their earholes. As a special treat, Hank Von Hell tagged in local Vancouver act Rebel Priest to open the night. If Mötley Crüe and Motörhead had a love child sprinkled with D.O.A. dust, Rebel Priest would be it. A bite of that baby would reveal its very own flavour of grit, grime, and gnarly groove. A great band to warm the people who were largely there in support of their very own.
Sandwiched between was Spiders, a Swedish modern-day 70s pop/groove-rock band fronted by Ann- Sofie Hoyles. Despite being the lesser known of the three, they gave it gusto and were well received.

Hank Von Hell continues their Pretty Decent Tour, shaking ass and making fame the whole road long. Worth thumbing a ride to if you’re down for good times and hella decent tunes.