FEBRUARY 3rd 2013

Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with the Polish band “ZORORMR“. Thank you both for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Tell us, when did ZORORMR first come to mind?

Hello Rita, nice to be here and doing this interview for MetalTitans. The silhouette of ZORORMR begun to take shape long before it’s official incarnation. Since 2004 I was somewhat famous yet-to-be-revealed Polish dark ambient scene artist that had to commit to this genre for reasons that I don’t want to explain here. After three albums and a rather pathetic excuse of a career, really (laugh) I came to a point that I wanted to finally get over this shit and finally start doing the black metal thing. The debut album “Kval” came out on Walpurgis Night in 2010 which marks the first step in the history of ZORORMR. But the history of the band begun few months earlier between the demise of my dark ambient project and the inception of my new one man black metal crusade so I think that you can put it somewhere in Winter 2009/2010.
2. What made you decide to become a band that creates an ambient black metal sound ?

It was the next logical step after I.A. SERPENTOR. I always wanted to play extreme metal music but I never really had a chance to do it. When I begun writing dark ambient I thought of this as a tryout but it turned out to be a more or less a career. Then again I wasn’t really happy about it since I wanted to do something much more extreme. The problem was that I wanted to form a band with few other musicians and I couldn’t find the right ones to do it. I’m a type of control freak and a “lone rider”. Since I wasn’t able to make a normal line-up I told myself “fuck this shit” and decided to become a solo act. This was just the thing that I needed. And since I had the experience already from the dark ambient days nothing could possibly go wrong. That’s when ZORORMR was born.  

3. Is it hard as the lone musician to come up with all songs, the ideas ? And how do you pick the people that contribute to the album, you do most of the vocals but your last album you had vocalists Cezar (Christ Agony, Moon), Shadow (Black Altar) and Virian (Lilla Veneda) as guests, and drums recorded by Icanraz (Devilish Impressions, are they all friends of yours, or how do you find them ?

It gets harder and harder these days… (laugh). I’m not a teenager anymore and I don’t have that baldness to create music like some of my colleagues did from the bands that you mentioned before. Writing “Kval” took me about 2 weeks. Writing “IHS” took almost two months of intense work. I had to create everything from scratch, even the drum patterns. Naturally Icanraz added a great amount of his own creativity to them but I was the one that showed him the way. When you are recording all the music yourself you need time to prepare for it properly. And since I wanted “IHS” to be more complex but then again perhaps more accessible to the listener than “Kval” I had to have more time to make it work. Writing a song is a kind of struggle that I really enjoy, in a sadomasochistic way (laugh). This time I was mature enough not to be afraid that I would lose something like my own character if I invited guests so I decided to call my friends and ask them if they wanted to contribute to ZORORMR. They all were pretty excited, more or less (laugh) but did their best job to make my second album a real blast!

4. I have to ask you, how did you come up with the band name ZORORMR? And what does it mean .

Actually it was a complicated process. After I decided to finish with dark ambient and start playing black metal (which I wanted to do in the first place) I knew that I had to create a whole new entity that will fully represent what I was finally ready to deliver. I couldn’t break with the snake concept that was already edged into my soul, but I also I had to find a new language to describe the reborn serpent in me. Anyway after hard search I created a new word, combining the Norwegian “sør” meaning South and “ormr” meaning Serpent. When you add the two and twist the S you’ll get ZORORMR. What does it mean, what does it stand for? You can figure it out by listening to my music…
5. Did you have someone when you were growing up that inspired you so much that you wanted to form a band ?

Not really. Every young metal fan in Poland in the early nineties wanted to be like James Hetfield or Axl Rose if you weren’t tough enough (laugh). But I don’t think that I were inspired by any of them to form a band, or was I? In high school I sang some METALLICA covers, damn perhaps that’s it! (laugh) But frankly I don’t think so. I’m a misanthrope and I’m not a people’s person so quickly I forgot about forming a band and decided to be a solo artist. I was a lone musician since I started my music education and so it stayed that way…

6. When you were in school, did you enjoy music, did you take music classes ?

Sadly, I served a 5 or 6 year sentence behind the keyboard learning to play MUSSORGSKY, BEETHOVEN and stuff like that in a sort of a music school and later from a skillful teacher from Kazakhstan. Back then some of those tunes I played really fucked my mind and today I think that I should be grateful for that (laugh). But I always wanted to play the guitar. Took me some time to explain it to my parents who thought that I should be the second OLEJNICZAK or ZIMERMAN (laugh). They failed to do that and with a little help of my grandma I got my first guitar. Totally out of tune, total crap, but I could play what I always wanted to play - METALLICA covers. How sad was that? (laugh) After the fall of the Iron Courtain music education in Poland was rather crappy, so even that I was a keen piano player with my own personal teacher I still had to learn to play the fucking flute! The lessons were pointless so I didn’t really enjoyed them. But my music taste in school was developing with a help of my friends and because of the fact that I really liked to search myself for something new and powerful. That’s how I found metal. My best friend’s brother, that was like 4 or 5 years older then us was a real metalhead. It was the early nineties and he was listening to SLAYER and DEATH which was back then for me so extreme… Anyway I got my first extreme music education from him, he was a true idol where I grew up. Unfortunately few years back he drowned trying to save his friend…  

7. Do you remember the first band that you ever listened to, or the first concert you went to ?

Yeah, I think I do... Since the day I stopped shitting my pants I got sucked into GUNS’N’ROSES. That’s right... They were pretty popular even from where I come from. But growing up in Poland in the 90ties was quite hard. Back then I, like most of my friends, couldn’t afford CD’s and spent any extra money that I had on MC’s. It was also a great time for bootlegging, copying and shit like that. That’s how I heard the “Black Album” for the first time and I went all about “metal up your ass” attitude and stuff like that. But what really hooked me in was KING DIAMOND’S “The Eye”. And since I first heard it I simply became an addict! I think that I still somewhere have that tape, a copy, from a copy and so on, with NIRVANA on the other side. A fucked up combination if you ask me. (laugh) Nowadays I’m still a great fan of the KING and I still think of him as an inspiration… As for the gigs I’m not the type of a “gig freak”. I’ve seen many local bands not worth mentioning besides S.O.S and Polish metal legends like TURBO in the nineties. From all the shows I’ve been to I consider KING DIAMOND’S gig in Cracow in 2001 during his “House of God Tour” to be the best show that I’ve ever seen. Imagine the atmosphere of an obscure student’s club packed with metalheads of all ages shouting like freaks “Diamond, Diamond”... A real “Trick Or Treat” if you ask me…

8. What’s your inspiration for the songs you write ?

Satan (laugh). This is what Gaahl would answer few years back, I’m not sure if he would say so now… And for me? Few years back I would say that I look for inspiration inside of me, in my soul, in my heart, in my mind… Then again I could tell that I’m trying to channel the energy from trees and mountains but would this be true? Or I could go like “this book and this movie inspired my last album”… I think that it’s really hard to tell something wise about it. All these answers are correct and none of them really is. Perhaps I have it all in me, perhaps I take it from the outer world, perhaps both, perhaps Satan, maybe God? Honestly I can tell you that I really don’t know, and I don’t think that I care about it. Many things really inspire me and I try to keep open minded. All this is going then directly to my head and after that the result you can listen in my songs. What is important is the result and what I have to say. And nothing else matters… (laugh).

9. Do you find it hard at all to do that style of music in Poland, or is it much easier these days ?

Almost everything is hard to do in Poland, since it’s a really strange country if you ask me… When it comes to black metal I think that it has never been really the most popular extreme music genre here. Yeah, we did have the black metal scene, with acts like CHRIST AGONY, XANTOTOL, ARKONA or GRAVELAND in the nineties. I think that this scene was strong. Back in those days also BEHEMOTH arose, but now it’s a completely different band having a strong impact on other bands and shaping the genre through the death metal pattern along with VADER. And that’s kind of sad, since now almost every extreme band is a BEHEMOTH-VADER or DECAPITATED wannabie which for me doesn’t make any sense. You have many talented musicians but a great number of them wants to be like Nergal or Peter, have big and expensive production and shit like that. Technical playing, clean production, a somekind of “sophisticated extreme” but often empty inside… Add to this the Catholic society, fear, stupid politics and other things like this and you’ll have a difficult ground to build a black metal scene. But there’s hope. Bands like CHRIST AGONY and DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS still are all about black metal and the fans really loathe for music like this. But we are talking here about regular bands, not one man misanthrope projects (laugh). You can only imagine that it’s really tough for ZORORMR to get real attention around here!
10. For you, what is the best part about creating, and being in a band ?

Hard to tell, really, because I’m not your regular four-horsemen-type-of-band. I love the creating, sculpting the sounds that are born somewhere deep inside, but then again if I were only dedicated to the creation I wouldn’t bother to show what I’ve done to the world. Perhaps that makes me an exhibitionist, or an asshole, but I really enjoy spreading my message. Music for me is a platform for ideas and philosophy that I would like to tell my listener about. I’m pretty honest in what I do, I don’t lick butts, don’t follow trends, I’m trying to keep a low profile and don’t act stupid. ZORORMR is all about the message and the feelings that shape it and follow it. It’s true and sincere, but then again bad to the bone! What I like most about creating is the possibility to explore both the inner self and the outer world and what I call the “boundaries of man” that I sometimes write about. And yes, I do fucking love the sound of the distorted guitar and intense drumming (laugh).

11. Was there at any time that you thought I should be doing something else? Is there anything that you would have enjoyed doing other than be in a band ?

To be honest, I’m starting to realize that until know I’ve been doing everything that I was not supposed to do. I think that I’ve wasted many years trying to fit in and achieve someone else’s goals rather than to fully commit to what I really love to do. Every time I think about it I go fucking crazy! Really. Luckily I realized it some time ago and I’m able to take both my music and the message to another level. And that’s what it’s all about. Long story short, besides my family and my job, I can’t imagine to be doing anything else right now.

12. What are your plans now for ZORORMR ?

The “IHS” record is being released and I think that the whole year now will take to get some attention to this album. I promised myself and my fans to do a video, and so I’m planning to do this year finally. And that’s about that. Naturally I do have some other plans and ideas for ZORORMR but I think that it’s better to keep them a secret and let the fans discover what will happen next in the near future…

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at METALTITANS. We will keep our eyes/ears open for new things from ZORORMR.

Thank you for all your hard work you put in supporting ZORORMR! Stay true and heavy!.