JUNE 9th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

Hometown - Opole, Poland

This is a band I had not heard of before, but I was approached to do a cd review, and I just love listening to a new black metal band. Especially since I have a fondness for Polish bands. Now let me tell you do not make the mistake of thinking that this band is going to be like the other well known ones that have risen out of Poland. Its not.

Zørormr is an underground musician & writer. A confidence man of the dark arts, known by many names. Inseparably, his art and his soul, should be considered as a reflection of human anxieties and their sinful desires. Blasphemous nature of his works often resembles us of the lost innocence and purity, that is one of his favourite subjects... This album IHS is a follow up to the now cult 2010 “Kval”.

On this album there were a lot of people with hands on to make this a diverse and complex mix for all of us to enjoy. So here are the people that make it all possible -

First some guest vocals - Cezar (Christ Agony, Moon), Shadow (Black Altar) and Virian (Lilla Ven eda). All other vocals are done by Zorormr, who I can say now also recorded all guitars (except acoustic), bass, all ambient, and keys. The drums were recorded by Icanraz (Devilish Impressions, ex Abused Majesty). Some of the leads were done by Quazarre (Devilish Impressions, Asgaard, Crionics) other leads were done by Zorormr as well. Quazarre also engineered the process of guitar and bass recordings. The mixing and mastering was executed by Wojciech “Flumen” Kostrzewa at the Flumen Studio in Warsaw. Recording was done at the Red Dragon Studio in Opole. The cover art for HIS was done by Odrzansky.

These are the 11 tracks -

1. In Hoc Signo Vinces (intro)
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Harrowing of Hell
4. At the Heart of Darkness
5. The Sacrifice
6. Thy Kingdom Come
7. Upon the Blood Red Throne
8. Show No Mercy
9. The Ninth Circle
10. Morning Star Rising
11. I am Become Death

I am not sure that you can put this into one genre, because it has something from a few, ambient, melodic, black metal, and I don’t really care too. This was a cd that was a real pleasure to sit down and listen to each and every song. It is ambient because it does create a certain mood. Its raw, its complex, its diverse and at the same time its aggressive. Having the two vocalists added dimension, with gruesome vocals, along with some exemplary brutal ones. The drumming is bad ass heavy, and always a continual pleasure to be heard through the whole album. Never ever, getting boring or having that annoying steady beat, it gives us a masterful skilled sound which is was just what they intended. The guitar riffs are superior, and with such talent, are executed with perfection.

I like the fact that this album seems to have been done with a lot of thought and care, it wasn’t just thrown together to get it out to the masses. There is nothing at all boring on the CD, no filler, each songs seems to have something different to it, and that’s what makes it so outstanding. The musicians have mastered putting it all together , they have put forth a masterpiece. This is way more than I ever expected from this band. A lot of very accomplished musicians came together to give us IHS, (which by the way is a latin rendering of the greek phrase “en touto nika” and means “in this sign you will conquer”). Once this cd gets out to the masses and people spread the word, they are going to be conquering. This is without a doubt an album that will go far. Its just that good, and I can’t stop listening to it. Don’t keep this to yourself, tell everyone you know about ZORORMR and their music. It is a newer band that has a whole lot of talent.

Thank you for giving me this chance to do the cd review, it truly was a pleasure to listen to. - Metal Mom