JANUARY 26th 2019
Review by: Metal Mom
Live Photos: Char Tupper

'Scrape Records' The Label launch show brings to the Rickshaw Theatre Zimmers Hole and Kanashibari performances tonight. Shout out to JJ for allowing Metaltitans to come and cover this special event for the Label. A lot of hard work went into making this happen, and we for one appreciate it.

Up first tonight is KANASHIBARI, personally never heard of this name or the music, so didn't know what to expect. The room darkened, the fog rolled in, and this dark hooded person walked onto stage. More of an ambient sound, dark, a fitting choice to start the night off with. I have to say totally surprised I have never seen Kanashibari before, and I have been doing this since 2010. It really was something different for me, something that you stood to listen to, letting your mind take you places. If you want to be lead off on a dark ambient dream, then Kanashibari is just the one to see.

 It is now time, for the mighty ZIMMERS HOLE. This is the first show in Vancouver after 3 years, 2 Sets were performed today, "Bound By Fire" and "Legion of Flames". In case you are not aware of who is in the band, they are Chris Valagao "Lorde Heathen" (vocals), Jed Simon "El Smooche" (guitar), Byron Stroud "Sickie Moochmaster" (bass), Ash Pearson (drums). I am sure you recognize some of those names. Each one did a spectacular double set. Now before you all get p.off, this is my opinion, I am here to review what I thought, so here goes. The first thing I notice is the singer is the only one dressed in an outfit, yes, he does stand out more, but it would look better to have all the members dressed, not as elaborate as the Lord, but in some way, to pull it all together. Next is the things they do on stage reminds me a lot of Gwar, but Zimmers Hole is more porn type, which I guess is fine for most, but I don't think it is needed, your music should pull the fans in. The fans loved it no matter what, I am pretty sure a ton of these fans were Zimmers friends, but the ones in the pit, turned into real “A” holes, a mosh pit stays in a mosh pit, it doesn’t reach out to people who don’t want any part of it. In fact, this kind of ruined the show a bit for me, I got there early, to get a front spot, only to be slammed into full force, some people were hurt, not expecting that up front. When you get such a great spot up front, then you spend all your time looking over your shoulder, you don’t really get the chance to review very well. Yeah, I know move, but that isn’t the point, I was there early for it, great spot to review. I did move but was ticked off. But all in all, they put on a pretty good show. I wasn’t familiar with their first set, but it was good, the send one was even better. The poor Teddy they threw out didn’t fair so well, torn to shreds, stuffing all over the floor. RIP Teddy. Looking around the room, there were so many people enjoying. That is all that matters, they came, they enjoyed, went home happy.

Just an added note here, there was way too much fog in the venue, setting off the fire alarm three times in fact, but it also means you cannot see the members up there clear, so of course making it near impossible for photographers, most were not happy about that, and left. Just so you know guys, a little white light, not glaring, just a hint of it in front, would have showcased you more.

Again, big thank you to JJ of Scrape Records, and Mayo of The Invisible Orange, and to the Rickshaw Theatre for having this show.