JULY 28th 2013

Review by Anka

Zeroes and Heroes is another metalcore-sounding release in 2013 but this time it’s actually good metalcore, with a more prominent aggressive sound, which bears influences from thrash metal. I was not familiar with the band up to this point, but Your Anguish from Italy has managed to make quite an impression on me. The 7-track EP is not their first, it comes after a series of ups and downs from the Italian band, but seemingly it makes a good comeback that will help them break into the international metal scene.

The album is far from the “pussified” metalcore we are hearing nowadays, like I mentioned in the introduction, there’s more raw aggressiveness to it, not that metalcore generally lacks that, but their sound is far from the whiny aggressiveness, it sounds more determined, cleaner, and it’s the result of a rather thrash and progressive influences the band showcases.  This is an album that will surely appeal to an audience beyond the regular metalcore fans, and it’s definitely not for the weak.

“Heores and Zeroes” is a concept EP focused on the antagonism of “heroes” - the good guys that deserve our respect- and the “zeroes” – those nullities that deserve only contempt. Lyrically speaking, it’s quite interesting, but leaving that aside, I think the music has a lot of elements that can grab your attention.

On top of the heavy riffing, breakdowns and brutal rhythms, I find the melodies to blend in really nicely and carry the song to nice resolutions -even if most of them are abrupt. There are mellower moments like certain song intros, quiet moments for the guitars to play what is basically a very simple, but effective melody. Don’t expect to hear complex writing from Your Anguish but all I’m saying is that without making use of mind-blowing technicalities they can still deliver a good album. The progressive influences are subtle but effective, it’s all well balanced and there’s more of a thrash/death metal twist that you will feel predominantly.

Songs to Remember: Heroes, Bokanovsky’s Process, It Was the Beginning of the Flight

Given the fact that I’ve heard a lot of new metalcore releases lately and I’ve seen lots of live acts of this kind, I can only hope this band will make it to this side of the world and get itself heard here, because they deserve to. I think their release, though not majorly innovative, is still better than most of the American and European new releases of the genre this year. They could stand out if they continue on this path and don’t get sucked into some terrible record label deal where their sound needs “some changes”.  We need more metalcore “with balls” and Your Anguish can definitely represent that.