APRIL 13th 2012

MetalTitans got an exclusive opportunity to do a written interview with both Jocke and Erik of the Swedish band, WOLFBRIGADE. Their genre is a more unique metal styling called D-beat crust punk, more on the gritty side of things. Reuniting back in 2007, and with a record soon to come, we at MetalTitans thought this would be a great chance to sit and talk with the guys about the band.

Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment, worldwide. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

First, for those that don’t know the name WOLFBRIGADE, can you please give us some history of the band?

Started back in 95 as Wolfpack. Our idea was to create a sound that was a mix of d-beat and a bit of metal. We wanted to do something new. We released a few records as Wolfpack and more as Wolfbrigade and this is where we are today.

2. Over the years you have made a few records, played some gigs, changed your band name, along with changing some band members as well. Do you think this line up will stay the same for awhile ?

The lineup has been the same since 2004. We work fine together and we all enjoy each other's company. I think I can say that Wolfbrigade 2012 works better than ever before. We know where we got each other and we're having fun together. I think that's the most important thing.

3. What made you decide to come together to put out your newest release “Damned” ?

We wanted to do the best record we had done in ages. Not just another "new record". So we have put down much more work into this release. We took a break with doing shows and focused on writing songs instead.

4. Did everyone in the band have their hand in it ? Their own ideas? And then worked on putting it all together ?

This time also Jocke and Erik wrote a lot of the music together. First time since the Lycanthro Punk ecord. So it was back to the roots a little bit. But everyone came up with riffs and ideas. But then we worked together and did the finishing touch on the songs. That's how we work. No band dictator. But this time we have spent a lot of time doing preproduction in Jocke's studio (The Wolf's den). That was a new way for us to work. We could hear quite quickly what was rubbish or not. That can be hard in the practice room where everything sounds ok, if you crank the amp up to nr 11 then most of the riffs sound good.

5. Was there anything as you grew up that made you want to be in a band, and to play d-beat/crust ?

Some of us grew up in the 80. And we grew up with bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden etc. So who didn't want to be an Ace Frealey when they were 11. Later on punk and more extreme music came into our lives. So there has always been a big interest in music. I think I can say that all of us are listening to all kinds of music but punk has always being closest to our hearts.

6. For those of us who don’t know, can you please explain what d-beat / crust movement is ?

That is a pretty complex question to answer. Not gonna get too deep into that. It can be a mix of dark slow music like Amebix or a more faster d-beat band like Doom. Over all its a political D.I.Y. movement with a hell of a lot of different bands and people involved. People who create their own things far away from the mainstream.

7. What made you decide on that image for your album cover, did you work together with Fabbe (tattoo artist) and the band ? Or did you have the idea and he came up with the image ?

We all came up with the idea and Fabbe helped us out to put it together the way we wanted. We wanted to continue with our ideas about the artwork, still using the lycanthro symbol...

8. Now that “Damned” has been recorded and about to be released, do you plan on touring to support the album ?

We have some gigs booked in Europe and more to come in the future. We are hoping to do the USA, Japan etc in the future. We are really look forward to getting out there and doing some gigs again. It's been a while since we last toured and now we have a new record with us. So we are really excited.

9. Is there a place that you would really like to play to showcase your music ?

Well there are a lot of places we haven't been to yet. So if we get interesting offers and if there is time we are always up for it.

Is there anything that you would like to say about WOLFBRIGADE, you think people should know ?

This is the best record we done for ages so listen to it, enjoy it and come to our shows and have a good time together with us. Cheers Wolfbrigade.