JUNE 18th 2012
Review by: YouFO

WOLFGRIGADE is a Swedish band that has been in your face since 1995, and making sure you know they are primal, and full out hardcore, punk and metal. They have been around for 17 years, starting out as Wolfpack, and later becoming WOLFBRIGADE. Since the change to Wolfbrigade (2001), they have become even more sinister and harsh, but still attacking with a punch you in the gut sound. They have also had an impact on the scene around the world, influencing a whole new wave of d-beat bands and the scene. This is today’s line up - Micke (Vocals), Erik (Guitar), Jocke (Guitar), Johan (Bass) and Dadde on drums.

Damned is the first in 3 crushing full length releases with Southern Lord.





The following are the 12 tracks, total of 35 minutes:

Feed The Flames
Slaves Of Induction
Road To Dreams
The Curse of Cain
On Your Knees... In Misery
Ride the Steel
Hurricane Veins
From Beyond
Catch 22
Damned to Madness
Where No One Sleeps
Peace of Mind

This is a full force hateful attack, fast , lots of energy, and definitely aggressive. This is the sound you want when someone says hardcore, punk, and one that you know is going to involve some heavy moshing when there is a live show. When someone says hardcore - it means a movement who form an intransigent nucleus resistant to change, combine that with punk - meaning fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishment lyrics, and that’s WOLFBRIGE in a nutshell, and now you also know the meaning of hardcore punk. And that is just what you are going to find on this DAMNED cd. No need to go into the much detail here, its good, so take my advice, go get it.