October 31st, 2010
Heavy Metal Show at Funky Winkerbeans

Review By: Char Tupper

Photos: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/halloween-show/

This hallows eve, Brutal Entertainment brings to you, 5 of British Columbia’s top heavy metal hitters within the province. We have Kelowna-based, Skull Hammer, Nanaimo’s Evilosity, Abbotsford’s Carnivitriol, and Vancouver’s Without Mercy and Kymatica. These almighty powerful forces of metal brought a great start to an eerie, mysterious Halloween weekend.

First to perform was Kymatica, a newer band to the local metal scene, however, very skilled and powerful musicians. This project originally taking form at music college by Lucas Trottier(vocals/guitar), a year after he finished his studies, found the correct individuals to pursue his passion in the heavy metal industry. Kymatica is a band influenced by numerous bands such as Augury, Bloodbath, Cynic, and numerous others, but their style and musical compositions are still very original, and speak for themselves with their out standing performance this evening. The band was very organized and clean, while maintaining heavy riffs of brutality.

“Without Mercy”, the next band started to perform with guitar riffs ripping through your soul, and a huge howl of a scream that sent shivers down your spine. The band, Without Mercy walked on stage with presence, and Alxs(vocals) walking on stage in black metal makeup, dressed as “Black Metal” genre itself. Without Mercy is taking the local music scene by force. Every show you go to, they are there. It is great to see a band, such as these guys, willing to put the hard work, and time into the band itself. This 4-piece band definitely may spark similarities to that of Arch Enemy, but don’t be fooled. Without Mercy is a band all their own, with musical arrangements that have cultivated the death/thrash metal sound, and creating one of Vancouver’s more popular local acts. Their performance was well executed, with mosh pits forming, and horns held high.

The next band is one that couldn’t be missed. This band, was none other than Carnivitriol. This 3-piece Abbotsford band played extremely well. Forming within the last year or two, Matt Bell(drums), Tyson Clarek(guitar/vocals) and Ryan Townsend(bass) brought together the elements of the ultimate death metal trio. Carnivitriol brings to the table compounds of death and thrash, influences of Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, Death, and all the traditional bands who started death metal many years ago. Off stage, these guys are fun and amazing to talk to, on stage, they bring the essence that is a heavy metal experience ripping through your body, and keeping your blood pumping. Carnivitriol is definitely a band, to keep your eyes and ears peeled out for, because this wont be the last you hear of these death metal titans.

The islanders, Evilosity was the next performance to hit the stage. Forming originally as a 2-piece thrash metal band in 2002, later on deciding to take a faster, more heavier route in the ways of heavy metal music. This 5-piece band definitely has their followers, including friends and family, but also, those who simply love and know of the band. Inspired by bands like Death, Deicide, and so much more, this band has the raw elements to be a heavy death metal local band. This being said, however, Evilosity wasn’t quite in my musical taste buds. However, this being said, they performed well, and all dressed up as “Mortal Kombat Theme” for their entire set, which just goes to show, even being in a death metal band, we are all human, and have a great sense of humour.

Last, but not least, Skull Hammer hit the Funky Winkerbeans stage with presence. Lights dimmed low(lower then they already are, if possible), band walks on stage with fans chanting for almighty Skull Hammer. The thrash metallers came on stage with a certain vibe and stage attitude of high energy and heavy hitters. Skull Hammer’s performance was executed well, and in my opinion, they did a pretty good job, considering I’m not even a big “Thrash Metal” fan myself. They played with good energy and vocalist/bassist, took that stage by force. They had the audience in the palms of their hands and blew the night away. Closing the evening was the Halloween costume contest, no matter who won, the costumes were all phenomenal, whether it was simple, complex, bloody, or innocent, everyone’s costumes were amazing to see.