MetalTitans got an exclusive opportunity to do a written interview with Johnny from Winds of Plague. Their name originally was Bleak December, however changed in 2005 to Winds of Plague and have been known by this name ever since. These guys have been a part of numerous big name tours like Mayhem Festival 2010, Warped Tour 2011, and now embarking on a European/UK tour. Please read below for the exclusive details !!!

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1. You use to be called Bleak December, and you changed your name in 2005 to Winds of Plague which was derived from lyrics from Unearth. What made you pick those 3 words ?

We had a record deal pending upon the name change so we were on a mission to find a new band name. We were having a tough time coming up with a name and then the band unearth put out an EP called Endless. One day i was listening to the EP and reading along with the lyrics and those words really jumped out at me. The imagery I got associated with the words was pure death.

2. Winds of Plague is best known for the only Deathcore band to use symphonic elements in your music, how did this decision come about ?

We infused keyboards in the band long before the term deathcore had even been born. We just really liked the elements and textures the symphonic sounds adds to a song so we use them often.

3. You are embarking on a 20 day tour in the UK/Europe, are you looking forward to this?

We are currently on day 4 of this Euro/UK tour and its been amazing. The shows have been insane, really starting to feel strong support over here.

4. Last year you played the Mayhem Festival last year, and you are playing the Warp Tour in June this year, is there a festival that you would really like to play ?

It seems we have had the privilege of taking part in a lot of big American festivals but only a small amount of over seas festivals. Seeing that they are notorious for being awesome, huge shows I’d really like to take part in future festivities abroad.

5. The soundtrack for the game “Homefront” you perform a cover, were you asked to do this or how did this come about ?

Yeah it was an opportunity presented to the band and we jumped at it. Not only to reach out to more fans but because 'for what its worth' is a song we have wanted to cover for a while now.

6. Do you think that doing a soundtrack on a game brings more fans to your band ?

Absolutely, the video game consumers come from all walks of life opposed to preaching to the choir.

7. Against the World has been released now, it came out April 19, are you pleased with the end result of this record? and do you have a song that you feel means more to you then others?

Yes, the response has been great! They are all my babies, we put a lot of tlc into all our songs. Most bands will write 14 or 15 songs and cut a few. We only write songs we will keep.

8. Do you have a dream tour that you would like to play, bands you want to perform with, or a destination you would like to play at ?

We really enjoy playing with our friends' bands. Its always good to see familiar faces on the road. We'd really like to play South America and South Africa as well as other foreign countries!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at MetalTitans, is there anything you would like to say to your fans ?

Thank you for the opportunity! Would like to thank all the fans, without you we wouldn’t be here!

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