MAY 19th, 2011  

Review by: Metal Mom

First, let me introduce you to the members of this death core band from California. Johnathan “Johnny Plague” Cooke on vocals, Art Cruz on drums, Nick Eash/Nick Piunno on guitars, Andrew Glover on bass, and Alana Potocnik on keyboards. WINDS OF PLAGUE are best know for incorporating symphonic elements into their music. This genre of Deathcore is an extreme metal , kind of combination of death metal with a little metal core and/or hardcore punk thrown in.

Originally called Bleak December when they started in 2002, they changed their name in 2005 to WINDS OF PLAGUE (from a lyric in Endless by Unearth).

Against the World is their 4th studio album, and it was released on April 19 by Century Media Records. There are a total of 12 songs, with playing time adding up to 38:37 minutes. This was all done at a L.A. Studio with production done by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed). On this album you will find some guest appearances, one is done by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) on “Built for War“, Martin Steward/John Mishima (Terror) on “California“, Drew York (Stray from the Path) is on the song “Monsters“, and the Ultimate Warrior is featured on the spoken track called “The Warrior Code“. So a little added bonus for some.

The vocals on Against the World are never ending growls, grunts, but with some inhale screams which I personally don’t like, the high pitched screams are somewhat annoying. There is also a lot of the “F” word in the lyrics, not fussy about that either. But I know that a lot of the kids out there will love it. I just don’t think its needed , the songs will carry themselves without it. Both guitars are amazing and do an excellent job of riffs. The keyboardist Alana has made great improvements to her style on this one, and the effects are sometimes very eerie. Drummer Andrew has pulled the chaotic metal arrangement all together with his blast beats that are exceedingly fast. What I liked also was that you could actually hear the bass, not something you hear very often in a band. There was also a bit of hip hop sound to this album I found. That was different and a bit of a change. There is a lot of speed and heaviness to “Against the World”. Yes, there were some things I didn’t like about the album, but there was also some good listening , so I suggest if you are a Deathcore fan, you make the choice to purchase this one by WINDS OF PLAGUE.