JULY 26th 2012
Review by: YouFO

Something about WICKED SIDE, many of you haven’t heard of this polish band before, they originate from Białystok, and the band’s genre is best described as old school heavy metal, some power metal with a hint of thrash. They are influenced by Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Metallica and others.

The band members:

Przemysław Przytuło - bass / vocals
Przemysław Reducha - drums
Bernard Komarnicki - guitars
Marcin Konstańczuk - guitars

Now about who worked on this CD, guitars were all recorded by Maciej Rosiniak, who also put additional vocals on “The Mirror”. It was recorded/mixed at iStudios in Bialystock from August to October of 2011. Wicked Side themselves produced it. Engineering/mixing and mastering was done by Janusz Balczun. Cover artwork by Rafael Banzuela III, and band photo by Maciej Grzegorzewski. And the release date was December 2011. A lot of hands went into this 5 song EP.

Their music is a combination of fast, heavy riffs, melodic vocals, catchy harmonies and virtuoso solos. The songs vary from simple in-your-face rockers to complex epics. You can hear the influences in their songs. For a band that just in 2009 came together, not bad. I would like to hear a little deeper vocals though. And maybe the drums with a little more variety to the beat, and not so prominent, they became a little annoying when its all you hear. But those are small things, basically it all flowed well together. Guitar solos were great, great for head banging, or singing along once you learned the words. This is a great start for WICKED SIDE, and with some tiny adjustments, I can see them becoming a recognizable band. Good Luck to you.