OCTOBER 11th 2013

Review by Anka

I didn’t even know much about Whitesnake’s live activity nowadays until I heard some great reviews of their live shows, and my friends were very generous with compliments towards the band’s performance. Naturally I regretted missing their shows, but the pout quickly turned to smile once I got to hear another new live release called “Made in Britain/ The World Record”. Released in the summer of 2013 through Frontiers Records, it’s actually a great record to have, if you are a Whitesnake fan or even if you simply like old school heavy metal, as their music is actually quite approachable I would say, for both rock and metal fans.

What is even more interesting here is that this album follows the recently released “Made in Japan” live album from early 2013, supposedly at their fans’ request. So let’s just say, 2 live albums in one year will calm down the spirits for a while. “Made in Britain/ The World Record” is a double album recorded during their 2011 Forevermore World Tour which included a lengthy UK run, and apparently the final songs were selected from recordings made during over 90 shows. Now that might explain why we have such good material on this double disc.

I guess there’s not much to say about the songs here as they are songs a fan would know very well, I actually liked the selection and how everything was compiled, we have both old and new tracks - but the few words with respect to the live performance itself would only be appreciative. I could continue the line of attributes my friends used when they described their live experience with this band, and I would use words like “badass”, “flawless”, “complete”, “powerful” ….at least.

Whitesnake nowadays has a contemporary sound but it keeps the old-school vibe strongly weaved in. David Coverdale and Tommy Aldridge are in great shape, and guitarists Aldrich and Beach are on a roll. It was delightful to hear this release, and it’s great to hear the crowd singing along so many times – this is a true live experience captured on a record. We get some parts of David Coverdale’s dialog with the audience, plus a few drum and guitar solos, now that is something that you can only get on a live recording unless you attend the show! Some of my favorite tracks here are "Love Ain't No Stranger", "My Evil Ways", "Here I Go Again" and “Still of the Night”, seemingly the last song in the live setlist.

All in all, it’s a great album for a collection, and Whitesnake fans will love this. This recording is of great quality, just like the performance itself, at times I even had to wonder it what I was hearing was actually recorded live. This double album can be a good substitute for a real live show when you can’t make it, but it can definitely trigger an even stronger desire to go see this legendary band live.