JULY 26th 2012
Review by: Metal Mom

Band Members:

Phil Bozeman (vocals)
Alex Wade (guitar)
Ben Savage (guitar)
Zach Householder (guitar)
Gabe Crisp (bass)
Ben Harderode (drums)

After spending many years as one of the frontrunners of their genre, they have chosen to stay there, by giving the fans their 4th self titled album. Its been awhile since we have heard from WHITECHAPEL, in fact since 2006, and these 6 deathcore crusaders are at it again, and after listening to it a couple of times, you are going to WANT IT. They have delivered what I would call their most extreme, aggressive, and brutal record to date. It seems they have stayed true to the WHITECHAPEL style and sound, but have also brought in some change, just enough to give this Cd an added bonus. Its dark, its brutal, but it also has some emotion and melody, which in my opinion has added to the overall Whitechapel style. Its most enjoyable when a band puts out something that shows they are evolving, that they are not just pumping out what they know everyone expects and wants.

To start, a reflective piano piece leading into some furious guitar riffs and pounding drum blasts. Not what you would expect is it. But what an entrance, and had me hooked. Let me tell you there is a lot of variety on this album, it has what I think are some of their fastest songs, but, also some of their slowest songs ever written. I think with each of the band members having a part in the collaboration of this CD, made the difference, when you are proud of what you are accomplishing, and you have your hand it the total product, you put all effort into making it the best of the best. Exactly whats been done on this. Contributing factors to making it this way, Ben on drums, who excels at his skills, from the blasts down to every last cymbal strike, the excellent guitar riffs mastered by none other than Alex, Ben S, and Zach, and don’t forget the thundering bass by Gabe, who created some deep and brutal sounds. The vocals, whether screams or growls, are dark, brutal, powerful, and yes, with some emotion.

There are 10 pure WHITECHAPEL tracks:

1. Make it Bleed
2. Hate Creation
3. (Cult)uralist
4. I. Dementia
5. Section 8
6. Faces
7. Dead Silence
8. The Night Remains
9. Devoid
10. Possibilities of an Impossible Existence

The band worked with Producer Mark Lewis (Deicide, Devildriver), and at first they were a little iffy about it, but once hearing it being put together, they were blown away, really, whats not to like, you have a sharp performance by Harderode, killer guitars with punishing riffs and monstrous bass kicking ass, exceptional vocals, I can see why this album would be the favourite.

It looks like WHITECHAPEL is still growing and taking the initiative to try new things, to improve, and this album proves just that. This new album, the 4th from WHITECHAPEL is exemplary, and one that you need to have .