JANUARY 14th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

WHITECHAPEL is an american Deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee.Their band name is derived from a district in the built-up inner city of London, known as Whitechapel. Band members consist of - Phil Bozeman (vocals), on guitar is Ben Savage, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder, Gabe Crisp (bass) and drummer Ben Harclerode.

Since their start in 2006 they have released 3 studio albums, 5 music videos, and are now signed with Metal Blade Records. Their previous album, 2010's A New Era of Corruption, sold around 10,600 copies in the first week in the USA.

Their newest release “Recorrupted” is a limited edition EP and was released Nov. 8 2011 through Metal Blade Records. It has one original song, 2 previously released songs that are remixed, an acoustic song, and a cover of Pantera’s Strength Beyond Strength. For the production end of it, there is Miah Lajeunesse who worked on recording engineers, and produced, mixing and mastering done by Mark Lewis. Management is Shawn Carrano and Andrew Roesch, and the artwork was done by Mike Milford. It was also recorded at the Sound Lair Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of the EP. First there are only 5 songs to listen to. And I was excited to listen to the Pantera cover as I do enjoy those guys. The EP starts off with the only original song “Section 8”, not a big fan , second was the Pantera song, and truthfully you couldn’t tell it was one of Panteras , it had the distinct heavy Whitechapel deathcore sound, so didn’t appreciate that one at all. The 2 remixes “Breeding Violence” and “This is Exile”, didn’t like these either, guess you have to be a big fan of WHITECHAPEL to enjoy. Last is “End of Flesh”, an acoustic piece, not something I would expect from them at all. So it didn’t fit into this mix. I understand bands redoing some songs, they like them but didn’t put the effort into the first version. But it seems that time was not taken to redo these songs either. I am sure if you are a fan, you will enjoy this, a small teaser maybe before a CD is to appear. But for me this EP, didn’t have what it takes to just sit down and enjoy. It seemed too messy, vocals and music didn’t flow. I know I know, hardcore doesn’t usually, but there are lots of bands that have that knack of making the music and the vocals all flow together, and still be hardcore. If you’re a fan, then by all means go buy it. But if you aren’t, then wait for something better to come along. My opinion people.