SEPTEMBER 1st, 2011

Review by: Ayako Mayumi

White Wizzard – Flying Tigers
Earache Records
NWOBHM, Heavy Metal
White Wizzard
hail from Los Angeles, California and recorded their self-titled EP in 2007, which was released in mid-2008. They also filmed a music video for the EP's opening track "High Speed GTO" which won the award for Best Music Video in the 2008 Action On Film Festival. In 2010 they released there first full length album "Over the Top" and toured with bands like Edguy, Korpiklaani, Týr, and Swashbuckle and played at the Download Festival and Hammerfest 2.

It's 2011 and White Wizzard are back with there 2nd full length album named Flying Tigers and for most fans wanting the glory days of metal the new White Wizzard will not disappoint. Fans will be pleased that these melodic up tempo old school metalists have complied song structures which are fairly simple, but can find hooks galore spread out through the 12 tracks.

White Wizzard is about playfulness and with new tracks like Flying Tigers, Night Train to Tokyo and West LA Nights imagine driving down the highway, windows down, and having a good time, but tracks like Blood on the Pyramids and Fall of Atlantis shows more of a prog and narrative side of the band. Another favorite is “Dark Alien Overture” an instrumental which leads up to one of the best tracks on the album “War of The Worlds.”

It's hard to call there sound is original but they pay homage to some of the traditional NWOBHM artists of the '80s  IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and SAXON with a modern production and really kick ass doing it. This album in particular I think is a step ahead of there first full lenght album "Over the Top" as there are some spots where they're spreading there talents and trying to estalblish there own sound. Flying Tigers is an enjoyable dose of classic metal which I recommend picking up and cranking it to 11!!!


01. Fight To The Death

02. West L.A. Nights

03. Starchild

04. Flying Tigers

05. Night Train To Tokyo

06. Night Stalker

07. Fall Of Atlantis

08. Blood On The Pyramids

09. Demons And Diamonds

10. Dark Alien Overture

11. War Of The Worlds

12. Starman's Son