DECEMBER 5th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Genre: Metal
Hometown: The twin cities
Record Label: Peaceville
Release Date: Sept.30th

Rise Of The Empress was initially funded though a Pledge Music campaign, seems to be the way of music these days, and that's not a bad thing, fans love to feel like a part of something.

Curious as to who is in this band, let me tell you. The band was formed by guitarist Paul Allender, formerly main guitarist/songwriter (Cradle of Filth), Paul left Cradle in April of this year. Now there is a new player onboard in the metal realm, it seems Paul is pushing the limits with this new band, with the help of vocalist Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis), Will Graney, keyboardist (Damnation Angels), Chela Harper, bass (Coal Chamber), guitarist Jeremy Kohnmann (The Awakening), and drummer Zac Morris, who's played with many bands including Ugly Kid Joe.

The band started writing together two years ago, and have slowly crafted the sound that is White Empress. How best to explain is it’s part intense, part symphonic, and the other part, goth with some definite electronic sound to it. We all know the talent behind Paul, and I think you are going to really enjoy this next step in his career. It truly has a bit of everything to it.

A Prisoner Unleashed:

A total of 10 tracks here to get your fill of some expressive harmony, with epic tones, along with some thrash, like I said, there is a touch of many things to be heard here. Definitely time was taken to create such a unique album, including the vocals, one the deep dark growls, conjuring up something from the dark side, then exquisite clean female vocals. Both undeniably what pulls you in. The only question I have, is there 2 singers, or just the talent of one Mary Zimmer.
Track listing:
01. Rise of the Empress  
02. The Congregation
03. A Prisoner Unleashed  
04. Darkness Encroaching
05. Sven's Tower
06. Erased and Rewritten
07. The Ecstatic and the Sorrow
08. Dethroned  
09. Obsession with the Empress (Human to Divine)  
10. Ours to Burn

There is some old school feel to the album, but memorable as well, you really hear each of the weapons of choice on this album, something I really enjoyed while giving it a listen. But at the same time, it offers up something a little different. Don’t take my word for it, listen to it, it’s already out, and it’s one you need.