DECEMBER 29th 2014

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

We at MetalTitans would be out of our minds if we passed this opportunity to tell you about Weresquatch; one of the ‘artists on the rise’ from the Northwest. The Portland ‘thrash metal’ act is set to issue their debut record titled ‘Frozen Void’ the album in February. ‘Frozen Void’ is a ferocious, full-throttle, throwback to the glory years of thrash metal kind of record.

Germany’s Kreator and their European counterparts are clearly being a huge influence Weresquatch; but they also  cull from West Coast acts like; Metallica, Testament, Megadeth and a little East Coast thrash via  Anthrax--- making ‘Frozen Void’ a well rounded listening experience. The eight tracks featured cover topics such as; ‘a night on the town,’ as heard on “Whiskey Bent and Strip Club Bound,” to a ‘comic book vigilante’ as heard on “Casey Jones,” to ‘headbagning fun’ as heard on “Thrashin ‘N’ Slashin.”

‘Frozen Void’ is brilliantly sequenced and well executed from top to bottom. It’s good to hear these songs that you’ve heard in the live setting throughout the past several months as Weresquatch has supported national acts. The standouts on this record are; “Frozen Void,” “Casey Jones,” “Whiskey Bent and Strip Club Bound,” and “Thrashin ‘N’ Slashin.” The the two aforementioned  are sure to earn you a well deserved speeding ticket if you’re behind the wheel. You’ve been forewarned.