JULY 22nd 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Well what a night this way, two of the three bands I was not familiar with, concerts that is, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was in for one hell of an evening thanks to The Invisible Orange and Rickshaw Theatre.

Starting the night off is our own HELLCHAMBER, they really cranked out their thrash, classic metal, heavy rock, metal style for all of us to enjoy. Yes, I have seen them before, but tonight gave me a whole new perspective on these guys. Flawless performance, great songs, and they seemed to really have it all together tonight. Usually I am counting down time for the next band, but I was enjoying so much I didn’t even realize the time went by. They played a variety of songs, old and new, and had all our attention. Phenomenal set guys, look forward to seeing you play again.

Next, is a band, INVIDIA, with some pretty impressive names, Evan Seidlitz, vocals (formerly Thrown into Excile, Grimace, Vyces) /Brian Jackson, lead guitar (formerly Skinlab) / Matt Snell, bass (formerly Five Finger Death Punch) / Marcos Medina, rhythm guitar (formerly Skinlab) / Darren Badorine, drums.  See what I mean, these guys all know what they are doing, and they know how to bring their music to the crowds. I was really impressed with their pure metal sound. Also impressive is that this band only started back in 2015. When you have so much talent it is pretty obvious they will grab you by the throat and won’t let go. Sure, they bring some of their previous styles into the mix, but I think this is what brings Invidia to the forefront. Each of the guys did a fantastic job up on stage tonight. They gave 150% and the crowd was enthralled. There is nothing better than seeing a band for the first time and getting hooked. Remember the name, it is one NOT to be missed. Hope to see them again soon. Kick ass set guys.

Up next, WEDNESDAY 13, another new one for myself. Do I like punk, gothic, you bet your headbanging but I do, especially mixing it up with some metal. This set needed to be longer, at least for me, I couldn’t get enough. Being right up front (my usual spot), gave me full access to what they do on stage. Was there moshers, who cares, I didn’t, I was too busy enjoying and moving to Wednesday 13. That’s right…moving. You just can’t help but move, fist pumps, horns, head banging, you have to move, it is required, a must. There was a mystery to the band as it was only dark lighting, but it added some atmosphere to their set. Also, a big difference to their look when they entered the stage, I was expecting what the tour poster looked like, didn’t happen. They had all different white/black faces, but it added to their performance. Wednesday 13 kept us all anticipating what next as he came out in different looks, which always adds some dimension and excitement to the performance. Really cool ideas for outfit changes, horned mask / top hat with Ozzy looking glasses and a book / most impressive one though was when he came out, sang, turned his back to the crowd only to see another face looking down at us. The crowd was enticed and hung on to every song, every guitar riff, drum blasts kept us all on beat, and the bass thundered through all our veins tonight. Full on entertainment. Wednesday 13 had our attention from the moment they came on stage until the left. They came back for an encore but even that was not enough for me. I had an amazing time watching and listening to Wednesday 13. I also won’t miss them next time, and hopefully you don’t either. There are more tour dates to catch them, starting in September. Check out their facebook page to check out the dates and cities. I don’t think I really gave them a great review, as I am still in awe.