November 14th, 2010 
Watain: The Gods of Death

Review By: Char Tupper

From the burning depths of hell, comes the stench of death, the Black Metal legends themselves, Watain. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the co-headlining tour with Behemoth was cancelled, but that didn’t stop Watain. They also toured alongside with Goatwhore and Black Anvil. A shorter tour bill then most, but don’t let that fool you. These 3 bands pack a unique punch and if you missed this show, you definitely missed one of Vancouver's best metal performances to date.

It is time to ignite the hell flame with Black Anvil to start the night off. With the recent release of their newest album, “Triumvirate”, the band is on tour to support this new record and to spread the word of their band. Black Anvil is a Black/Thrash metal band from New York City. This band channels the spirit of early trailblazers of the metal universe. Their performance is quick paced and not for the light-hearted, they played their instruments with clarity and precision, while vocalist, Paul Delaney sung with deep growls and screams. Black Anvil was formed by the members of Kill Your Idols, and they all play in various other side projects outside of Black Anvil. Their performance was great, “and you Thought you Knew Pain”, well, brace yourself for one of Louisiana’s biggest black/death metal bands, Goatwhore.

These 4 guys from New Orleans definitely are one of the most hard working bands to date, with recently visiting Vancouver in their busy tour schedule about 3 times in this one year alone. Ben(vocals) pushes the band to work its full potential, touring in support of their 2009 release, “Carving out the Eyes of God”. Forming in 1997, Goatwhore is infamous for its large amount of touring, and its dedication to hard work, after all, hard work pays off, and it certainly has for Goatwhore. These guys have worked extensively this year, and now, through the crowds, you see huge waves of Goatwhore t-shirts, now that is truly amazing. It was definitely a 50/50 situation, where half were Watain fans, the other for Goatwhore. Their performance was phenomenal, Ben exerting high amounts of energy for their full set, with James Harvey (standing roughly over 6” tall) pounding his bass, Sammy giving his classic expression of being stricken by evil, and Zack blasting away on his drums, Goatwhore’s performance was beyond amazing, they are a band, that truly causes “Apocalyptic Havoc” every time I see them.

The stench of death begins to grow stronger, Iron upside crosses enter the room, and torches standing over 7” tall with real dead sheep heads attached(and overall of 12 heads on stage) and candles set ablaze around the ritual of the goat’s skull, and tritons glowing with fire . This is, the Black Metal Mulisha, this is, Watain. One of Sweden’s legendary black metal bands known for the stench of rotting animal carcasses on stage, while covering themselves in blood. The blood however, is fake for their North American tours, but head over seas to see them in Europe, and it is real pig’s blood. This band is all about the realism of Satanism. This performance is not only for show, but for something much bigger than fans can understand. Erik Danielsson walks on stage in robes, in the ritualistic stance. The robe is removed, and you truly see Watain for what it is, covered in blood, chains, spikes, and ripped clothing. The attire of Watain is something all its own. The performance of Watain was truly breath-taking, ironically with the stench in the venue, but they played with such charisma and energy. Watain truly is the “Storm of the Antichrist” and they truly are an amazing band to see perform straight in front of you. Don’t let their Satanism rituals scare you off, because these guys, couldn’t be a nicer group of gentlemen to meet, but once they set foot on that stage, you become “Sworn to the Dark”, and you become part of a brotherhood, the Black Metal Mulisha that is, Watain.