MARCH 12th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Rushed down to Vancouver, to see this show, and only caught the last 3 songs of DESTROYER 666, due to working, and judging from those 3 songs, I missed one hell of a show from them. The 3 songs I heard, kicked ass, and I know that a lot of people came for these guys because the Rickshaw was just packed, and I had to fight my way to get close to the front. They had the attention of the crowd, there was plenty of moshing, headbanging. From what I could see, stage performance was great, and to cover a Motorhead song, well that just put them over the top. I really wish I had seen the whole set, I would have enjoyed it. True Metal through and through.

Headliners tonight are the one and only Black Metal band out of Sweden – WATAIN, who knows just how to grab you by the throat and not let go until they are finished with you. We are lucky to catch their show, as the one March 6 was cancelled, and the show in San Fran Mar 16 was also cancelled, it was beyond their control. I am guessing this all stems from what people think they are, well Watain has been who they are since the day they came together. I read the statement from the DNA lounge, and they judged before even talking to the band, they listened to other opinions first. So be it. Their loss. Watain does what they do because they love it, don't like, take a hike. I can tell you I am older (as many of you know), and Watain has never ever offended me, yes, the smell can be bad at times, the blood, what about it, but it is who they are. I once travelled to see them 7 times on a tour, no one complained, everyone enjoyed the show. And that is exactly what I did tonight. They really have a following, and it is because they are so unique to look on stage and see the guys crank out some of the great music they create, but to also take in all that makes up Watain, there is a lot to take in from their stage gear. They have their own atmosphere, one that everyone in the crowd enjoyed. Of course, if you have seen Watain before you know what to expect, and they never disappoint, Eric with the raising of his vocals in praise, holding high a goat’s head, such a stage presence. Just like the other band members, they look like you wouldn't want to meet them outside walking down the street, but that is them, their ritual, and I for one would never have it any other way. They played a variety of excellent songs. They are just so phenomenal to watch, I will never miss a show when they come to town.

So, thank you to the bands that came, and thank you to the Rickshaw Theatre, for giving the Vancouver fans something extraordinary, something they will be talking about for a while.