FEBRUARY 9th, 2014
Review By: Metal Mom

This should be interesting, a project by ex frontman for Morbid Angel, bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker, it seems he has carried the beacon of his former band onward with WARFATHER. Seems its another death metal creation, so I am definitely interested in reviewing this one, I never witnessed Steve with Morbid Angel, only the recognizable David Vincent.

It’s been said that “Orchestrating The Apocalypse” is a warning, to open your eyes. Don’t like religion or government, then think of this as a pure blackened apocalypse.

The album was recorded and mixed at TME Studio in Cincinnati by Steve himself, and mastered by Maor Applebaum at the Maor Applebaum Mastering, and has now been released (Jan 21, 2014) in North America. It hit’s the stands in Europe February 24th by Greyhaze Records. The cover artwork was created by Ken Coleman.

Steve Tucker - guitar/vocals (Morbid Angel/Nader Sadek)
Avgvstvs: bass (Krallice/Nader Sadek/Castevet)
Armatura: guitars ( Dominion)
Deimos: drums (Temple/Severe Torture)

So let’s get on with it, after giving it a listen many times over, I can tell you that if you are Steve Tuckers fan from his 3 previous MA albums, you will enjoy this 40 minute assault. For me it still had that old school death metal wave. Like previously it’s expeditious and technical, but with something new added, a Norse creative side. Don’t worry though, you will get that crippling death metal sound, blasting drums, guitar riffing, and vocals that take you back in time. The death metal horde is upon you, delivering what you expect - fierceness and devastation. There is also some contributions on here by some well known death metal supporters. What more do you need, well, just go grab a copy, especially if you are an older style Morbid Angel fan. It’s like anything, some people are going to like it, others won’t, but to each their own. For me, it was okay, I personally would have liked to hear some more variation to the drums, not the same blasting beats, or what felt like it.

Track Listing:
 1. XII
 2. Legions
 3. My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned
 4. Taunting The Deity
 5. The Shifting Poles
 6. Waltz Of The Solstice
 7. Summoning The Warfathers
 8. Ageless Merciless
 9. The Chaos Of
10. Gods And Machines
11. Ashes and Runes
12. We Are The Wolves