SEPTEMBER 18th 2018
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper


This tour SOLD OUT every show except one. Surprised, yes, I was, because I may have heard of Wardruna, but had never seen either band before or heard them for that matter. But it is all about to change tonight at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC.holds something so completely different to cover. Not too sure what to expect, I am so enthused and intrigued by these two bands about to perform. I will say this now that I have both, you don't ever want to miss them when they come to town.

First to perform tonight is EIVOR, she hails from the Faroe Islands, and has a voice that captivates and holds your attention for every single note she sings. Truly amazing. I also truly appreciate when an artist sings their songs in their own language, gives it a more authentic, original sound. At an early age, 16, Eivor made her first album, then proceeded to play folk festivals across Scandinavia. She was also very appreciative of the crowd, always saying Thank you after her songs. What was nice too was the fact she took some time to explain her thoughts on making her music, and she does have a style all her own. I wouldn't call her music melancholy, more a peaceful relaxing and very much mesmorizing, you forget everything, and you just fall into the emotion of her songs. She has a way of creating her songs from where she grew up from, and looking around the room, there were all ages here, young, teen, older, grandparents, all just had eyes on the stage. I was absolutely amazed, and thoroughly enjoyed Eivor and her music. In truth, it makes me appreciate the finer side of this music. I hope she returns again soon, I will definately be there.

Headliner Norse/Nordic/Folk/Ethnic WARDRUNA appeared next on stage, the anticipation grew as we all waited. A little fog filled the stage just before the band members came on, the lighting was suttle, but the backdrop was a focus point as well, changing colours depending on the mood being set by each song. They started the set with playing beautiful looking long horns, this alone was eye catching. Scandinavian mysticism.
The musicians were schrouded in darkness adding to the mystery of the band. The lights lit up Einar, founder and who writes all the music and lyrics, along with Lindy adding to the magic of the night. They both had amazing voices, that carried well into the venue. Covering Metal mostly like I do, I was overwhelmed with the talent, the sound, and what each musician brought to the stage. They definately have their own niche in the music industry, and it excels, nice to be able to enjoy something so unique. Also one of the facts that I found so interesting was that they played a show in front of a majestic 1100-year-old Gokstad ship at the Viking Ship Museum in Norway. You know, it is really hard to describe their style, and I don't think I want to put them into any category, because they really do stand out on their own. It isn't something I can tell you, it really has to be experienced, to get the full feeling, the atmosphere of the music.

I highly recommend you see both of these bands when they come to town next time. You won't be disappointed, you will be saying where have I been, I should have been enjoying this long long ago.

Thank you so much Wardruna and Eivor was a really captivating night, and opening my eyes to something so unique and wonderful.