SEPTEMBER 30th 2011


Review by: Metal Mom

First, I am not a big fan of thrash, but I always listen a few times to a cd I have been given to review. Okay, now I am impressed. I have seen WARBRINGER live a few times now and they are very high energy on stage, and I can hear where it all comes from. Just listening to this I can see the mosh pits, and not small ones, they would probably take up the whole room, and lets not forget all the head banging that would be created from this thrash / heavy metal combination.

It seems that WARBRINGER knew what they were doing when they went to Omen Room Studios and worked with Steve Evetts (Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan and M.O.D.) who produced and mixed this 4th album of theirs. The artwork for this album was done by Dan Seagrave. “Worlds Torn Asunder” has 9 songs plus one instrumental, and its pure thrash through and through.

I think what makes this band who consists of John Laux (guitar), John Kevill (vocals), Andy Laux (bass), Adam Carroll (guitar), and Carlos Cruz on drums, a step above, is the heavy metal influence on the musical side of it. Then bring in the vocals of John and you have a true thrash. Once you hear Johns vocals there is no mistaking them. I heard some slayer similarity but it was short and to tell you the truth, it works, and that’s what counts. The sound that WARBRINGER has brought us, with their head banging guitar riffs, the unmistaken speed of the drums, the brute strength of the bass, and the fierce vocals, has given us all something that if you’re a thrasher or not you will enjoy. You will also find that some of the beats are stuck in your mind for awhile. There isn’t anything wrong with that, you will be nodding your head as you go through your day.

Like I said, I am not a thrash person at all really, but I found myself listening to “Worlds Torn Asunder” more than a few times. So no matter what genre you enjoy, I recommend that you pick up a copy and give a listen to WARBRINGERS “World Torn Asunder”.