JANUARY 4th, 2014
Review by Metal Mom

Band Members -

Łukasz QUAKU Podgórski - vocals
Marek AGNOSTIC Molenda - guitar
Łukasz LUCAS Borawski - guitar
Kamil KAMIEL Podgórski - bass
Darek DARIUS Karpiński - drums

Poland, Warsaw-based badass thrash metal unit War-Saw have just released their debut full-length. Aptly titled Nuclear Nightmare, the album consists of ten powerful tracks enriched with futuristic samples courtesy of Atrophia Red Sun‘s keyboard player VX.

First a history lesson on the band .. After numerous lineup changes, typical for every young band, WAR-SAW’s debut material was finally developed and the band started to give first concerts. WAR-SAW performed alongside such bands as Horrorscope, Bloodwritten, Dragon’s Eye and Broken Sword, in the meantime selecting songs for its first EP.
In spring 2009, at the DBX studio situated in Warsaw, under the watchful eye of Jacek Mielnicki, the band recorded its first EP entitled ‘Thrash Metal War Machine’. The EP that included 4 tracks and an intro was released as a CD-pack and received praise from many critics.

Between summer 2009 and spring 2010, the band played numerous concerts, performing with such artists as Stos, Inhuman Obsessed, Sapros, Headbanger or Decomposed God from Brasil. In spring 2010, after subsequent lineup changes, the band recorded its second EP entitled “Spiral of Violence”. This time, the EP was released both in the form of CD-pack paper envelopes, which were given out for free during the band’s concerts. Also this time the album received positive reviews. During the national tour promoting the album, the band played with such artists as Kat, Trauma, Armia and Monolith. Moreover, in May 2010, WAR-SAW took part in the Trashmetal Mania Festival.

In spring 2011, after some lineup adjustments, the band started to prepare the material for its debut album entitled “Nuclear Nightmare”. The album was recorded at Progresja Studio, in cooperation with Paweł Janos Grabowski and mastered at Hertz Studio. The cover was designed by Michał Xaay Loranc. The album was promoted with a video release of the title song – Nuclear Nightmare (available on YouTube).
Currently, the bad prepares for a promotion tour.

In march 2013 a guitarist joined us, who has several years in stage and studio experience, as a replacement for Sherman, who decided to fully devote himself to motorcycle racing. The new part of our team, Luke Borawski, said a few words about himself: ”I’ve toured with bands like Trauma, Lostbone, Chainsaw. The objectives in the band: to increase my experience of guitar, concerts, and working for the next album. Musical influences: Metallica, Pantera, Black Label Society, Down. Favorite guitarist: Dimebag. Music is a part of me, without my world of metal music probably would turn a 180“.

So now you have a little history of the band, not that it makes a difference as to whether you like the music or not, but I like knowing a bit about their history. So lets review the music I was sent.

Nuclear Nightmare is the bands first full length CD. For the first few months work was done at the Progesja Studio but then was switched over to Hertz (Vader/Decapitated plus many others).

Right away you are going to notice that it’s different and pretty powerful. There are 6 tracks to get the gist of what they are accomplishing. If you are a fan of the thrash metal, then this is a perfect choice for you. Fast tempo and aggression, it’s here. Drums have the fast percussion beats, the guitars you will notice have the low riffs with some insane solo work here as well. Vocals are unique here, not just all the screaming fast ones, but something more thought out, ones I really enjoyed, and fit with the music perfectly. War-Saw have created a tight more precise sound. You may not have heard of this band before, but once you have given them a listen, they will be on your list of must haves. Trust me, War-Saw is something out of the ordinary, obviously they love what they do, and it shows in their music. They have created their own style of thrash, but its something exceptional, great talent here.
Track Listing -
1. Intro (Final Warning)
2. Nuclear Nightmare  
3. World's on Fire 04:38
4. Burn
5. You Will Die by My Hand
6. The Warden
7. Freedom has its price
8.Claws of greed
9.Spiral of Violence

VIDEO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smHrQt7uXUA