APRIL 18th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Genre - Black'n Roll

Record Label - Indie Recordings

VREID members consist of:
Hváll - Bass
Sture - Vocals/Guitar
Strom - Guitar
Steingrim - Drums

Did you know that Vreid in Norwegian means “wrath”, meaning strong, stern and fierce. It’s what you are going to get with this band, and this album.

VREID formed in 2004 rising from the ashes of Windir. Some described their music as a fusion of Windir’s environment, the rawness of Norwegian black metal and the fused groove of Sepultura, Metallica and Motörhead blended with historically inspired lyrics. The lyrics on “Welcome Farewell” describe a lifecycle through short stories, inspired by Hváll’s own local surroundings with its nature, architecture and historical artists such as Arne Garborg and Otto Valstad, and are more personal than ever before.

VREID also has a couple of firsts under their belts, like playing in India in 2012, and being the first metal band to play the National Opera House in Oslo.

“Welcome Farewell” is the latest release from Norwegian black ‘n’ roll legion VREID. The follow-up to 2011’s Norwegian Grammy-nominated album “V“.  This album was recorded at bassist Hváll’s own Studio 1184 and was released in North American via Indie Recordings March 5, 2013. The artwork for the album was taken in a new direction this time around by Kim Holm.

Whats unique, is the fact that a black metal band can take itself outside the realm of one specific genre, combine some and make it completely their own. What you will hear is definitely black metal, but with some 70’s rock, a little 80’s classic metal, and maybe a touch of some old thrash, and what you have is an album with 8 uncompromising songs. They have broken out of the mold, and are defining themselves as their own.

8 Track Listings:
1. The Ramble
2. The Way of the Serpent
3. The Devil’s Hand
4. Welcome Farewell
5. The Reap
6. Sights of Old
7. Black Waves
8. At the Brook

Yes, this album is dark and heavy, with vocals that demonstrate an aggressive demonic growl, guitars with piercing riffs, thrash influenced, classic with some twists. The bass, well it is amazing to be able to pick out the bass and actually hear it. And lets not forget the furious blasts that make it all possible to do some major headbanging. This album I find to be energetic, expansive and catchy, and none of that is a bad thing, its what makes them stand out, giving them their unique sound.

WELCOME FAREWELL is VREID’s 6th album, and things just keep getting better. So this is something that you need to give a listen too.