AUGUST 4th 2014

Review by YouFO

Daniel Estrin
Simone Dow
Alex Canion
Scott Kay
Ashley Doodkorte

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Record Label: IAV Records, Bird's Robe (AUS)

Track Listing:
 1. Hyperventilating
 2. Breaking Down
 3. A Beautiful Mistake
 4. Fortune Favours The Blind
 5. You, The Shallow
 6. Embrace The Limitless
 7. Orpheus
 8. The Domination Game
 9. Peacekeeper
10. It's A Wonder
11. The Morning Light
12. Summer Always Comes Again
13. Seasons Of Age

Voyager has released their fifth studio album simply titled V, and if you are interested, was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. For the normal metal fans, you might be taken back by this one, it's outside the box. Give it a chance, listen with an open mind, and you will find yourself enjoying.

With a total of 4 full-length albums under their belt and shows throughout North America, Europe and Asia with such bands as Devin Townsend, Children of Bodom, Soil work, Nightwish, Epic and more, you are about to hear something different, a band that doesn’t sound like any other.

I myself, have never heard of Voyager, but as a CD reviewer, alot comes across my desk, and I try hard to listen, and give each it’s own time to appreciate it. After a few listens, I found I can't really put this into a genre, there seems to be many different, but great sounds, all combining to create something very different here. Very clear vocals, guitar riffs are pretty amazing as well, giving it that heavier sound. The drums are not blasting at hyper speed, giving it more of a flow rhythm. This is different, combining many unique qualities. If you are a heavy metal fan, you probably won't appreciate the effort of this one. This has a style all on it's own, unique, and they have managed to pull it all together without effort. To me, it doesn't matter about the genre, it's all about the talent in putting together an album that is different, sounds great and you will enjoy. That is exactly what Voyager has done, don’t believe me, then go out and grab yourself a copy.