MAY 19th, 2011  

Review by: Metal Mom

This band from Sweden VOMITORY has been around now since 1989 and created by guitarist Urban Gustafsson and bassist Ronnie Olson, and after 20 years they are still craving carnage.

Members of VOMITORY now are Erik Rundquist (vocals/bass), Peter Ostlund (guitar), Urban Gustafsson (guitar) and Tobias Gustafsson on the drums. Their newest release is their 8th to date and called Opus Mortis VIII, it’s a 10 song CD that only lasts 36:24 minutes. It is being released by Metal Blade on April 23, 2011. It was done by Rikard Lofgren in his studio Leon Music Studios, and the 3rd one to be done here, by VOMITORY. The album artwork was done by Polish artist Lukasz Jaszak who captured what the band wanted. And together they have created what I think is on of their strongest albums to date.

Their inspiration has come from such bands as Sodom, Slayer , Napalm Death and many more, but there is also that distinctive sound of VOMITORY thrown in there. I shouldn’t say thrown in, because after listening to this cd , I realized that this Opus was a well thought out and put together CD. That’s what kept me listening, they are definitely a death metal band, but they have also add a mix of grind, and lets not forget there is a bit of thrash mixed in there, some melody and heaviness, and put that all together and you have a new VOMITORY that you want to listen to. There is an aggressive sound, with blast beats that

propel the brutal sound through this whole CD. There are many catchy riffs, with some darker ones that you can hear in their 10 songs. There is a lot of diversity and dynamics in this new CD that has not been heard before. But don’t forget their own style of brutality can still be heard. VOMITORY is a band that seems to always be moving ahead, improving their sound, and mastering what is their core sound.

The Dead Awakened to hear these masters, and are now waiting patiently to hear about the plans for touring in 2011.