JUNE 7th 2014

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

The last Vicious Rumors album ‘Live You to Death’ was issued in 2012 prior to the stellar ‘Electric Punishment’ in 2013. Vicious Rumors had been riding high on the critical acclaim behind 2011’s ‘Razorback Killers’ and the aforementioned ‘Electric Punishment.’ Till that point the band had singer Brian Allen on board on vocals who was a disciple of the Rob Halford and he fit Vicious Rumors nicely.

Vicious Rumors and founding member and guitarist Geoff Thorpe have had a 30 plus year career. While they’ve been mainly a cult band in The United States; they’ve tried to break the American market. It was amazing that they were able to tour properly in the United States in 2013 behind ‘Electric Punishment.’ The touring line-up changed at that point with the most noticeable change being Allen’s departure from the band. Thorpe brought European Nick Holleman on board who brings a more traditional/vintage power metal approach to the songs. Never fear the kid can hit some of those higher register notes as well.

Unlike the previous record which was recorded in Europe this one was recorded in the United States on the 2013 North American tour. With such classics such as; “Digital Dictator,” “Lady Took A Chance,” “Soldiers of the Night,” alongside something new like “Electric Punishment” or “I Am Your Gun” Vicious Rumors keeps the energy relatively high making for an entertaining time. I look forward to hearing what Nick Holleman will bring to the table on the next studio album which I’m told is slated for 2015; until them we have this live effort.