AUGUST 22nd 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Members -
Emre Kasapoğlu - Vocals
Özgür Nair - Lead Guitars
Senem Ündemir - Rhythm Guitars
Volkan Beykoz - Drums
Görkem Büyükeşmeli - Bass Guitar

Hometown - Istanbul, Turkey
Power/Thrash Metal

Track Listing:
1. Chained Freedom
2. The Sovereign Place  
3. Ruthless Crow
4. My Crowded Solitude  
5. Under Control
6. Schaukelstuhl
7. Search For Apeiron
8. Fire & Spell
9. Timeless Warfare
Total Play Time 57:50

Recorded - Ruthless Crow Studios, Istanbul, Turkey
Mixed  -  Özgür Nair & Emre Altınok - Ruthless Crow Studios, Istanbul, Turkey
Mastered - Jens Bogren - Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden
Artwork - Emre Altınok & Senem

In 2005, the band started up, and after a demo and some performances they decided it was time to create something all their own. So their put together their own studio and recorded and mixed “Timeless Warfare”.

Okay, I am impressed, you will too if you enjoy that power metal sound, with a hint of  technical.  The songs are a bit long, an average of 6 minutes, but I enjoyed it all the same as it’s power metal done well, giving you that time to really wrap your head around the song. Vocals are incredible, and what more can you want when you have some great guitar solos/riffs, drumming that creates that melting pot of talent, from start to end, its an unbelievable 57+ minutes of thrash, speed, power, an stunning piece of showmanship here, and giving it their personal touch of darkness and melody. A special touch is also a song that is done in flawless German.

Do I really need to say more, if you are into the heavy / power / thrash metal genre, even if you are not, this is definitely worth looking into and giving it a listen.

Vengeful Ghoul - “Under Control”