JUNE 10th,2011  

Review by: Metal Mom


This old school death metal sounding band Vastum, will be releasing their first full CD on May 31 called “Carnal Law”. The members of this band consist of Dan (vocals), Kyle (guitar), Leila (vocal, guitar), Luca (bass) and RD on the drums. They have risen from the Bay area in California.

This CD consists of only 6 tracks, which is a shame if you enjoy the old school death metal, it seems short if you are enjoying it. There are some amazing guitar riffs and solos to be found . Dan and Leila supply the marsh metal grunts and snarls to compliment this CD , and both vocals manage to do this well. There is also a mournfulness rhythm, but it seems to fit, all instruments are well tuned to each other, and with the vocals added in you can tell that they took the time to make sure their first release was going to make an impact on people. I suggest that if you are a fan of the old school death metal, you pick yourself up a copy, you wont be disappointed.