JULY 9th,2011 

Review by: Metal Mom 

Tales of supernatural beings consuming the blood or flesh of the living have been found in nearly every culture around the world for many centuries. The vampire is now a fixture in popular fiction , example the Twilight series. There are many movies about these creatures, and its captured the hearts of many, especially young girls.

Under the coven of darkness resides Michael Vampire (vocals), Aaron Graves (guitar), Philip Kross (guitar), Alex Rogue (bass) and David Darko on drums. As you can see they have taken the time to incorporate a vampires name. They have done their homework.

VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE have a single, an EP, and now a full CD “Kiss the Sun Goodbye”, a classical name for vampires, since they die with the sun, and has 12 tracks. They formed in 2009, and are under the label Hollywood Waste, a smaller label connected to Century Media. These creatures of the night have come out of the shrouds of California, to make their presence known.

VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE was inspired by Michael from the comic book in “The Lost Boys” movie. This movie had haunted Michael at an early age, he felt his life was similar to being lost and trapped in a world that embraces its own. To find some damned souls to complete the evil that was to be created, he needed to set out to find the ones in misery, loathing, and self destruction. This complete, the vision of darkness was fulfilled.

This Cd is a very catchy one, but first I have to say, I love the way they have appeared, their makeup is complete to vampire style, and would make for an interesting show when they perform. And all black clothing, fits perfectly. It really does make it more interesting when you see a band on stage , its all about visual. I hope to one day catch one of their shows. The vocals here are clean, what you would expect from an electronic/metal/rock style of music. The guitar riffs are good too they complete the whole ensemble, drums, well they are what keeps the heart beating. At times I could hear a similarity to AFI’s Davey Havok, but its not throughout the CD. I personally enjoyed the music on this CD, it had an upbeat temp, one that you can move your head, or tap your fingers too. I think people might need to get past the look, or even the name, and just listen to the CD. It is a great one to have in your collection. I love the look though, this Vampire look has not been done before, so its not boring at all. Its unique.

The concept and revolution has begun, and you can catch it with their tour “Falling in Reverse” starting July 21 - 29.