SEPTEMBER 28th 2011

Review by: Metal Mom

Only Hell knows the creative minds behind this latest CD release. Since 1983 Vader has been mastering their death metal sound with a touch of thrash, and this time a little added melodic production. For almost 30 years VADER has reached into the bowels of their Reich to give you another one of their best, one that I think might be their darkest, atmospheric piece yet.

The VADER empire for this CD consists of:

Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek - vocals/lead guitar and rhythm guitar (founder/creator)
Marek “Spider” Pajak - rhythm and lead guitar
Pawel “Paul” Jaroszewicz - drums
Krzysztof “Siegmar” Olos - guest keyboards
Harry Maat - guest backing vocals

On “Welcome to the Morbid Reich”, there are 12 furious tracks to appreciate, this is also their 9th studio album. Release dates for Europe was August 12, and for North America it was September 13. The record label for VADER is Nuclear Blast.

The army that had their hand in making this another of VADERS wonders are -

Wojciech Wieslawscy - production/sound engineering/mixing and mastering
Slawomir Wieslawscy - production/sound engineering/mixing and mastering
Rafal Konopka - sound engineering assistant
Zbigniew M. Bielak - cover art and layout

Yes, there were many people who helped pull this all together to make it as it is, but it starts with the guys who create the songs, lyrical content is based on stories by H.P. Lovecraft/WWII/Horror and Anti Christianity. These musicians have the talent to put it all together and give us fans another example of VADERS supreme signature sound. This CD has no filler songs at all on these 12 tracks. Peter’s vocals including his high screams and his brutal growling vocals are the main sound that make VADER distinct, and he demonstrates this with ease, and there are some crushing riffs that are aggressive, and lets not forget the solos, all making for a perfect combination for some real head banging to be done. We cannot forget the drums, they are fast, I mean blistering fast, what VADER is well known for. There are also another set of vocals to be heard, which adds a different dimension to this album along with the guest keyboards, all making for a true death metal thrash technical masterpiece. Every VADER fan out there is going to want this one in their hands, and if you are new to VADER, this is a magnificent piece to start with. Yes, a lot of people have said that it’s the same old VADER, but you have to admit, they have created a sound that is unique, and its one you enjoy over and over. But this album does have some little differences compared to the older CD’s, you need to buy the album to hear that for yourself. You wont be disappointed, this is VADER through and through.