DECEMBER 10th 2013

Review by YouFO

Release date - November 28th

Label - Unsigned

Band Members -
Jordan Jolicoeur - Voice
Alex Grave - Guitars & Noize
Sim Diamond - Lead Guitar
Marc Thériault - Bass
Manuel Allaire-Durand - Drums & Percussions

An innovative band from the boundaries of Québec , Canada. UPON YOUR GRAVE is a metal compilation of originality that is forging it's own sound into the music world. After releasing its first single '' Haunting Of The Beast '' in 2011 and delivering a 6 pieces demo '' Artistic Freedom '' in June 2012 , while playing with artiste such as Cryptopsy, Skeletonwitch, Vital Remains , Blind Witness, Anonymus and many more, the band continues to evolve & progress.

Down to business, first never heard of this band until I was given the music to listen to. Okay, I am always up for something new. I got a little worried there listening to the intro, almost a circus sound to it. Then it improved, one of the vocals is an extremely high pitched scream like Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth, I kind of like COF’s vocals, but this one on the album is just a tad to high pitched for my liking, but it’s okay, it wasn’t long and the darker brutal vocals came into play. Much more enjoyable. Musically well rounded, drums, bass, guitars, all did an excellent job of executing their sound. There are 10 tracks to listen to on here, and truthfully I did enjoy the majority of it, for a first time listen to Upon Your Grave. And I did listen to it a few times, any good review knows, that you can’t just give it a one time review, there are things you miss, or might even enjoy after a couple of times listening. I will say that probably 85% I enjoyed, but I think the higher placed vocals, just don’t need to be that loud, and high pitched. But it is a very good CD for a first. Job well done guys.

Track Listings:
 1. Crooked
 2.  Poisoning
 3. Vicious
 4. Tune
 5. Cleansing Machine
 6. Not Enough
 7. Allowed
 8. Obsession
 9. Life Simulator
10. Death’s Only A Beginning

But I will say right now, just don’t listen to what I might have to say, get out and grab yourself a copy in November. You just might enjoy it, like I did after a few listens.