NOVEMBER 27th 2013

Review by Anka

Until Dawn are back with a second album following their debut in 2011. Apparently, during these years they’ve been busy touring and building a loyal following in Canada, and with the new release they aim at getting more international attention. Well, I expect them to actually make quite an impression with this new album.

“Horizon” is a good piece of intense, melodic metal that could potentially stand next to bigger releases of the genre – truth be told, I heard a few horrifying albums from the “big” names this year so maybe it’s time for the new bands to take over and bring a fresh perspective, if not a more energetic one, on this kind of music.
With a prominent modern metal, metlacore-ish feel, but on the more aggressive side, Until Dawn has penned a good continuation of their previous effort. There’s good balance between the aggressive riffing and the melodic parts, all anchored in a consistent galloping pace that’s quite engaging and that makes this album an entertaining listen from start to finish.

The melodies are good, with very nice guitar work on some songs; in many ways the songwriting reminded me of Soilwork (tracks like “Time Tested Fortune” or “Horizon” would be the strongest examples here). Vocals wise, we have both the intense screaming and the clean singing, which are well blended in together and flow effortlessly from one register to another. To be honest I prefer the screams as well as the raspy singing, because the clean vocals don’t have the same power, naturally, but seem to sound a bit too wimpy at times (see “DNR”, a great ballad otherwise).

This is more of a personal opinion on the genre I suppose, but sometimes the clean vocals can actually take away from the “fierceness” of the whole experience.  I can’t complain here, as we have a few thrashing songs that are actually quite surprising and supplement the dose of good heaviness (loved “The Trial”).

Overall this is a fine example of melodic modern metal, very accessible and likeable, quite radio-friendly but without compromising the aggressive side.  Actually this release is one of the best of this genre, and I include metalcore here, that I have heard this year.