JUNE 1st 2012

Review by:
Metal Mom

Label - Nuclear Blast
Release Date - Apr. 20, 2012

Members -

Johnny Hedlund (Bass, Vocals)
Fredrik Folkare (Lead Guitar)
Tomas Måsgard (Rhythm Guitar)
Anders Schultz (Drums)

The Swedish battle cry has been raised for all to hear. You want to hear the blood and spirit of the true Viking ancestry and what it really sounds like in the modern realm of things, then you have come to the right place. They have raised their swords and have been on an expedition for the last 20 years to be heard. Back in 1989 UNLEASHED was formed by vocalist and bassist Johnny Hedlund. Today, you will find they have proven to be one of history’s most important flag bearers for metal-heads around the world. They have a commanding message, and they are spreading it loud and clear. “Rebellion is rising.” What they are trying to get across is they are tired of being sitting ducks, for anyone, who know nothing better than to oppress for reasons they won’t explain. What they are saying to you is you can …. smoothly change color to benefit your survival, or have the furious rage of a Viking warrior, whichever suits you best.

They have remarkably brought the spirit of the Viking tradition and the glory of pure Death Metal together in this new century. They also have the driving fortitude that has helped them to become one of the top extreme bands on the planet.

Track Listing;
1. Fimbulwinter.
2. Odalheim.
3. White Christ.
4. The Hour Of Defeat.
5. Gathering The Battalions.
6. Vinland.
7. Rise Of The Maya Warriors.
8. By Celtic And British Shores.
9. The Soil Of Our Fathers.
10. Germania.
11. The Great Battle Of Odalheim.

Listening to Odalheim made me feel as if I understood what a Viking could accomplish, this is brutal, very aggressive and done with an iron fist. There’s no mistaking the talent in these warriors. The vocals are furious , deep and fierce, what you would expect to hear of a true Viking out on a raid. The guitar work is polished, exemplary riffs throughout, and masterful. Bass work, brings to mind an axe pounding in an attack, that never failing punishing beat, which is a good thing, its exactly what completes the Viking sound. But lets not forget the drums, enduring, like warriors off to raid with a steady beat to march to. I really enjoyed this CD, it was put together with some thought of what they wanted to accomplish, its exceptional modern day bad ass. Its something you will want to have, and then turn it up as loud as you can. This album ODALHEIM is no way a disastrous expedition, they have succeeded in their crusade in the 21st century.

And now…. Unleashed förbereder deras live angrepp på Europa och Nordamerika (Unleashed are preparing their live assault on Europe and North America )