NOVEMBER 10th 2013

We at MetalTitans, got an exclusive opportunity to do a written interview with Maciek and Piotr of the band UNITY from Poland. . Forming the band back in 2011, this hard rock, yet classic influenced band released their debut album "Promised Land" back in December 2012. The album was composed by both Maciek and Piotr, and now they embark on the search for a label. We are happy to have the chance to talk with them both. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans

What made you pick the name UNITY for the band name ?

MP:  It’s simple – it’s like a union between me and Piotr. We had an idea to create and to record a rock album. We have similar music influences , we had to do something on our own. We wrote all the songs, drums and bass lines, we hired the guys to play at the studio, we paid for everything. Unity to make our dreams come true!

When did you decide to come together as a band ?

PZ:  We know each other for a long time now…it’s been like 7 years I guess since I moved to Warsaw and met Maciek. We used to work on a few projects before like Morlog and the band we’re still in – working for the biggest rock station in our country – Antyradio Cover band. We jam a lot acoustically and we came up with an idea to record a few songs for a radio. Finally we had so much fun composing that we ended up with a lot of material. 10 songs recorded on a full length UNITY debut album and here we are.

Why did you decide to play Rock, instead of the Metal, is it because there are so many metal bands out of Poland ?

MP:  I like more rock music, more classic rock and roll bands. It’s more about playing a good pop, catchy song with a bit more heavier sounding guitars and drums. Also Piotr is more classic rock vocalist,  defiantly perfect for the job.

PZ:  I think it is good to have your mind open for different inspirations. I already work with Dragon’s Eye so UNITY was a great music opportunity to work on something more melodic, not that hard and aggressive. Album has its own hard and heavy side and pop-rock stuff is there as well so the listener can find quite a diverse music, we’re not that far from hard rock. Hopefully composing process for a next release will also go on intuitively.

Your influences are Winger, Whitesnake, Van Halen and more, did you listen to these bands as you grew up, and that’s where the influence came from ?

MP:  Yeah, I started with these bands. There was Kiss, Bon Jovi, even Queen, Bruce Springsteen and Foreigner …my mother used to listen to old stuff. Of course  I’ ve listened to some metal, bands like Megadeth and Metallica too. Then I started music school, there was a lot of jazz and classic music. Till this very day it’s still rock

How did each of the members come to be in the band ?

MP: To be more precise I asked Piotr to sing one or two songs for my solo record, it never happened. We decided to make our new band, so actually we both started and joined Unity the same timeJ

PZ: This is exactly how it happened. Maciek showed me some material he composed, we decided to make something more out of it and here we are.

You don’t have a drummer listed, are you still looking for one, or do you use a session drummer for recording ?

MP:  As I said before… Piotr and I wrote all the songs, I arranged drums and bass lines. Our friend, great drummer Łukasz Chmieliński entered studio with music notes and did the job – thanks!

PZ:  We worked on a album with a session musicians. This was a really great experience from a composing and arrangement side. We wrote all the songs, arranged every little note on this album, took our great friends and extra ordinary musicians to record bass and drums (thank you so much!) and they did a great excellent job! We finally mixed and mastered all we managed to do for this release and now we’re working on a label. Hopefully this will come out next few weeks. In case of any live shows – we have a professional musicians willing to play with us, so the band is a live act in 100% and we’re ready and willing to go and rock onstage!

Was there anyone that inspired you as you were growing up to be in a band ?

PZ:  When you’re young – you’re inspired by all the bands you listen to. I grew up on heavy sounds like Metallica, Testament and than I got to know all this bands like Van Halen, Whitesnake, Winger that finally made me a vocalist I am today. Besides of music layer there is also something like “attitude” that is necessary in rock business. Lemmy Kilmister will always be my “number one” on that thing. He grew up in a shit, started to play with no skills, earned something more than just survival money around thirty and Motorhead had a “worst rock band” name so many times in late 70’s. Anyways, in spite of all that stuff he survived, doing what he does best and he’s now a legend. So there is always a great time to rock and roll and it is never too late to be a rock star!

What’s the best part about being in a band  ?

MP:  Chance to make your own music and play concerts!

PZ: Live shows, playing your own music and in case of UNITY – you have a chance to be a part of arrangements, this is very cool. In so many bands you have a leader that most of the times brings his own music. In this band you’re a full time composer.

Is there a negative ?

MP:  Some, not big deal…not worth mentioningJ

PZ: Starting a new project/band is always hard. You need to have a great patience,  balls of steel and huge attitude.

You have an EP called “Promised Land”, how did you pick that name for the album ?

MP:  My promised land is a sunny place where there’s a lot of good rock music…California for exampleJ

PZ: Promised Land is a long play. 10 songs, some very catchy, some melodic, some hard and rough. We came up with a title track, wrote a lyrics and decided that this will be a name also for an album.

You have 10 songs on the album, who wrote the lyrics for it ?

 PZ:  We have a working rule. When we have an idea for a song, we sit down at my or Macieks place and doing arrangements if needed and we try to came up with an idea what this particular song can be about. I take the idea home, write lyrics and with a vocal demo recordings we make some final changes together.

Was there any inspirations for those 10 tunes ?

PZ:  Songs came up intuitively. We had some inspirations, very simple. Life, love, sometimes fun stories we came up with like for “Sunday Mom” truck or “Kangaroo”. Most important that all this tunes came from our hearts, unsupervised, unreservedly.

Who did the artwork design for Promised Land, what made you go with this design ?

PZ:  The artwork is done by Jacek Wichowski – working under name of Th3rion Design, all based on our “Promised Land” idea. Therion is working on artworks for bands and so on, very talented guy. Final changes made by Michał “Xaay” Loranc well known from working with Nile, Behemoth, Kamelot, Vader, Decapitated – very kind and talented person, helped us with some technical matters and prepared an album cover for printing.

There are a lot of great studios in Poland, what made you pick High End Studio ?

PZ:  We picked up High End only for mastering. The guy is a total legend well known in our country for working with best bands. He got so many golden and platinum albums for mixing and mastering that we had no other option. We recorded album in New Project Production Studio, held by our friend. We knew the place since it was not the first time we recorded something down there. Cool working atmosphere, great guy, good prices and work comfort. We have some studios in Poland like Sound Division in Warsaw, Hertz Studio, TR Studio – we’ll see what happens on the next album. I think we need to pick up a studio not experienced with metal but more with pop-rock and rock productions.

I read that you were looking for a label, have you had any success with that yet ?

PZ:  Yes, we’re looking for a label. We needed to end up mastering and artwork to start this process. We will have a physical CDs in next few days and we’ll start to send them to places that came back to us about the label matters. We’re also doing an emailing about this, we have some plans, some answers, negotiation in process. It is not that simple for a new project. Music business is closed for new bands, new names nowadays. Very often you have to pay to be in a label, even though you already invested a fortune in recording, mastering and mixing process. We’ll see what the next weeks will bring, we’ll sure keep you updated!

Once you have a label , do you plan on touring ?

PZ:  Yes, we have some secret plans on touring. The first email we received on was a Europe touring proposition. It is not that easy for us to invest more right after the recordings but sure we work on some dates for 2014. Hopefully we will see some parts of Europe and maybe some festivals. The main objective for us is to get on tour with a big bands and we’re working on this one. Then we’ll see what happens. Remember that we’re a constant playing musicians, we have other bands and projects we’re playing with. I think two week-ten days tour for 2014 and a few festivals will be enough for a good start for UNITY. We’re really working hard on this and for sure there will be no grudges for money

Five years from now, where do you expect Unity to be ?

MP:  Playing concerts around a world, having two more albums and staying in San Francisco for holidays

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that we may have missed asking, or you want fans to know about UNITY ?

PZ: Visit our facebook profile:, listen to our stuff and don’t hesitate to contact the band under Rock on!

Thank you both (Maciek and Piotr) so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.