JULY 6th,2011  

Review by: Metal Mom 

UNEARTH by dictionary terms means “reveal or discover”. And that’s exactly what I have done, I have discovered another band that I am excited about. I have witnessed this band a few times before, but unfortunately haven’t paid attention because they were the supporting band, which sadly I was more interested in. Cant say that anymore after listening to their newest release.

UNEARTH is an american metal core band from Massachusetts that formed in 1998, which have the extreme metal and hardcore punk elements. Their influences have been Pantera, Slayer, Metallica and In Flames, which you can hear throughout.

Who makes up this phenomenal team, let me tell you, its Buz McGrath (guitars), Trevor Phipps (vocals), Ken Susi (guitar, backing vocals), John “Slo” Maggard (bass, backing vocals), and for this production drums were done by Killswitch Engages drummer Justin Foley. There is no “Disillusion” here, these guys put everything into “Darkness In the Light” CD, and its going to pay off.

The recording took place at Zing Studios in Massachusetts, and the CD was mixed by Mark Lewis (Devildriver, Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Trivium) , at Audiohammer Studios in Florida.

This time around for UNEARTH they chose to try something different in their style and structure. Guitars are brutal / thunderous with a touch of harmony and a balance of clean riffs putting a different spin on metalcore. The breakdowns are slower with some intense passages that are conducive to moshing. A plus for all those moshers out there. I also enjoyed the vocals, both, one was the brutal screaming and the other clean, a definite bonus to this album, as it gave it some emotional depth. The songs are all compelling, powerful, and honest. Lets not forget the furious drumming that had such brute force, that to me was the unrelenting backbone. I wasn’t too fussy about doing this review being that it was extreme and hardcore, but let me tell you, this CD “Darkness in the Light” will blow you out of the water, it was one that was well thought out and put together. My “Last Wish” for today, is that you go out and grab yourself a copy. You will be glad you did.

Also, don’t forget to catch UNEARTH on Jagermeister stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this summer starting July 9th .