FEBRUARY 25th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Scrape Records and The Invisible Orange brought this tour to the Red Room on Saturday, February 25th

I thought there would be lots of time, got there before doors opened at 7pm, but there was a line-up, not used to that. So, waited, and sadly missed the whole set for Spell, as did a lot of other people.

First band to review tonight is Touch the Sun, a band who recently played 70,000 tons of metal. Their style of music really appealed to me, it had a great beat, was just a real pleasure to listen to, they are a classic rock, progressive metal band all in one. They really started my night off right. Great performance, tight set, sound was good too. All in all, definitely a band you need to check out. I think what amazed me the most was finding out they were a local Vancouver band, and I have never seen them before. Hopefully they will be on more tours that come to town, because like I said, they are worth seeing, so don’t skip opening bands.

Next is Uli Jon Roth who discovered his love for the electric guitar in 1968 and played his first concert later that same year at the age of 13 as lead guitarist for the band Blue Infinity. His early influences were The Beatles, The Cream with Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Just knowing that, when you listen to Uli play, you can hear his influences, they are strong. Now Uli Jon Roth is a first-time experience for me, and watching him perform kind of told me that he loves what he does up on that stage. I bet he doesn’t care if it is a tiny stage or a huge hall, he would thoroughly enjoy it, giving to his fans the best he has to offer. He is extremely talented, I was taken back by the expertise in which he played. Guitar solos, guitarists out there, this is how it should be done, it was just magnificent to listen to. I haven’t seen the Red Room packed like that for a long time. It truly was a phenomenal performance by all the members on stage, Corvin Bahn (keyboardist), David Klosinski (guitarist), Jamie Little (drummer), Niklas Turmann (bass).  Definitely, a must see, don’t hesitate if they come to your town.