MAY 15th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Tonight, before we hit the tour package, we start the night off with a local band out of Vancouver, kind of. They are called MASSIVE SCAR ERA, forming originally in Egypt in 2005, however, 2 years ago moved here to Vancouver, BC.  I personally hadn’t heard of them before, and thankfully, I made it on time to catch their set. They put on a phenomenal set, clear crisp sound, steady, but heavy riffs, and the vocals were quite unique. Female vocals, with a mix of heavy growls, but also a touch of elegance with her softer vocal stylings. This group isn’t a typical metal band, but in the best way possible. Mixing more rock elements, but also having some classic elements with clean vocals and a violin, it was entertaining, and I hope to see them play more shows around town soon.

AETERNAM is next, and they are an Ethnic Symphonic Metal band out of Quebec, Canada. From their beginning in 2007, they are best known for their unique sound. Which is true, they have some amazing and authentic sound with some middle-eastern influences, so a great blend of harmony and brutality. First time I have seen them play, and it won’t be my last, they were extremely great to watch, they have made their sound their own, and it is a proven choice. Make sure to catch them.

Next up is GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS, I have seen them before, they are from Seattle, WA, and have really made a name for themselves in the industry, they are Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal, sorry, don’t care what the genre is, these guys have such a powerful wicked sound, it doesn’t matter what genre people put them into. They are definitely a band that is a must see, live they have a dramatic stage presence, with technical groove rhythmic mastery and intense and pounding drum blasts, bass lines that thunder in your veins, and guitars, vocals that captivate and hold your attention. This time around there were also some extra lighting and stage gear that really made them stand out tonight. Just so impressive, please, make sure to catch them on this tour, or any tour they are on. See the dates below to see if you can witness this metal band that will give you so much.

ORPHANED LAND, oriental metal hits the stage before the headliner tonight. I saw them in Seattle and they caught my attention then, so was excited to see them on this tour. Lyrically they sing about the thwarted aspirations of peaceful revolutionaries throughout history, which could lead to many songs. These guys are pretty powerful on stage. They are a force, and one that is bringing together people from around the world, trying to spread positive and peaceful messages through their songs. They have created and proven themselves with their music. Really a show to behold.

Next, from the Faroe Island, is Týr. Now, I am sure you noticed that as you entered the venue tonight, there were some protesters outside, what they don’t like is the killing of whales, and how they do it over by the Faroe Island. Heri has told his side of this event many a time. Read both sides and make your own decisions, but to me, this was about music, not what they do for their way of life. I have always, and will always enjoy the music Týr puts out, they have their very own unique style of heavy metal, one that they have fine-tuned and made it their own by melting traditional Nordic songs and dances with Celtic influences, doom, heavy and progressive metal. There is a talent to that, I mean who can put that all together and have it come out so exquisitely. They have even won awards. Vocals from Heri give an unmistakable unique edge along with his guitar riffs, very distinctive. Terji also gives out some excellent riffs, and along with Gunner on bass, there is no mistaking the talent behind this band. I am sorry, I didn’t know the drummers name here, but let me tell you he nailed those drum blasts and cranked them out for almost 2 hours. There is no band like Týr, so please make sure you see them, they are not ones to be missed.

Tour Dates Remaining:
May 20 Los Angeles CA – Echoplex
May 21 San Diego CA - Brick by Brick
May 22 Phoenix AZ - Joe's Grotto
May 24 Dallas TX - Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
May 25 Austin TX - Come and Take it Live!
May 27 Orlando FL - The Haven
May 28 Atlanta GA - The Masquerade (Hell)
May 29 Richmond, VA – Champion
May 30 Reading, PA - Reverb