OCTOBER 28th 2018
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/triviumavatarlight-the-torch/

LIGHT THE TORCH is first to hit the stage, and I really hope that those people still outside the Commodore Ballroom were not there to see them, doors opened at 7pm, they were on at 8pm, and the lineup went around the block still, I got in just as the music started, and I scooted up to the front to see what they were all about, I haven't seen these guys before. I was happy to say, I enjoyed them, they had a good beat, kept the energy going and the crowd moving. I really liked the fact there was no moshing, so I could enjoy without looking over my shoulder. A great way to start off the night, full on metal.

The next band, AVATAR, never had the opportunity to see them, and now that I have, I won't be missing any show that comes our way ever again. Really didn't know what to expect, I didn't want to check them out because I wanted the full force of their music, and the visuals that came along with it. Wow, so impressed with these guys, they stole the show. They didn't play long enough. The crowd was also there for them, even standing up front, people pushed in front. I moved off and to the side, which was actually a better to listen and enjoy their music, which is truly out of this world. There is almost a circus feel to it, and to the look of them on stage. Loved it, every single minute. So did a little homework on them, since I have now become hooked. They started around 2001, and have accomplished seven studio albums, with the most recent being "Avatar Country." I can't tell you the names of the songs they played, as I wasn't familiar with them, but they had captured the heart and souls of the fans, and they didn't let go until the very last minute. I am still in awe, jaw dropped kind of thing for Avatar. Just phenomenal music, performed to perfection. Also, really cool aspect of Avatar is that they whirl their hair in time together, looks amazing on stage. You just can't miss these guys, they are amazing to watch, with some pretty amazing songs too. Yes, I may not have heard or really known about Avatar, but I can honestly tell you that this is who I came for tonight after this experience.

Now the headliner is up, TRIVIUM, last time I saw them I really enjoyed them at the Venue in Vancouver. This time around though, Matt wouldn't be performing as he rushed home to be with his wife who was going to deliver their twins. I was hoping that we would have been told that night if they delivered, but, hadn't heard word yet if the twins have been delivered, we are still waiting. Never fear though, they made sure that there was someone performing in his place, like Jared Dines, Light The Torch's Howard Jones, and Avatar's Johannes Eckersrom, so needless to say this was going to be something different right from the start. I am sorry, this time around, I just couldn't enjoy Trivium, I don't think it was because Matt was missing, and maybe it had something to do with me really liking the rock/metal sound of Avatar, but just couldn't really appreciate the sound of Trivium tonight. Don't get me wrong, Howard Jones and Jared Dines did a great job of filling his shoes.  I didn't see the others though, after 3 songs, I just couldn't get into it. The floor was filled though, sold out night even, and people were enjoying, so I will leave it at that. This is just my opinion, sometimes you like shows, other times, not so much. Hopefully next time, I will be enjoying again.