APRIL 20th 2012

Review by: Richard S Hensey

Genre: Prog/Growl Metal

Band Members:

Bryan Baker (Lead Vocals)
Terry Anderson (Guitar)
Shawn Culley (Guitar)
Jason Brown (drums)
Ryan O'Shea (Bass)

Hometown: Burnaby, BC Canada

Burnaby BC’s Tribune a band of friends and brothers, the five members behind Tribune have been together since 2004, making it their mission to create challenging yet accessible metal and right from the start it caught my attention, with the opening title track It Came from the Swamps with it’s deep dark growl intro not knowing what direction of metal this would fall under. Soon i would realize that the rest of the album played more to a melodic and very heavy aggression and that’s where it really shines.

All 8 tracks from there 3rd release named Elder Lore/The Dark Arts are pretty first rate. Each song seems to cover many genre of metal and at times might seem a bit jarring but i felt the same with Protest the Hero when I first listen to them. These guys have a bit of The Sword meets Mastodon with early Metallica with shouting mixed in.

Not to give you an impression that we are dealing with a plain copycat, Tribune does not lift riffs or melodic passages from their influences, well ok a couple of times but who doesn’t nowadays?? Plus the melodies are their own dark visions and projections as Terrence Andersen and Shawn Culley on guitar have shred and progressive flavor which i think works here. For vocalist Bryan Baker who takes each track with passion and aggression you get basically clean, harmonized, vocals in one line, followed by Death Metal growls, then “hardcore shouting” This might upset or leave a bad taste in some people mouths.

I’ve listen the disc for the 3rd time now and I re-read my review now, and I am hopeful people won’t dismiss Tribune on account of my The Sword/Mastodon/Metallica comparisons. These BC boys are certainly not inventing their own genre, and are dipping into a pool very well populated, but I am still convinced about the quality of their delivery which i enjoyed.

Track listing:
1. It Came From The Swamps… 5:43
2. The Succubus 3:14
3. Chemistry Arrives 6:11
4. The Warrior Mentality 5:27
5. Below 6:49
6. We, The Black 5:56
7. Man On The Outside 4:54
8. The World’s Greatest Cynic 9:10