JULY 15th 2012
Review by: Richard Steven Hensey

The Alter Bridge/Creed Grammy Award winning guitarist and songwriter has taken the time to put his efforts into a solo album titled All I Was, with bassist/guitarist Eric Friedman and drummer Garret Whitlock both formerly of Submersed. The album was produced by Michael 'Elvis' Baskette (who has previously worked on Alter Bridge's ABIII and Blackbird, as well as the likes of Limp Bizkit, Cold and Trivium) and also marks the guitarist's debut as a lead singer.

As a big fan of Tremonti's work throughout the years, my main curiosity leading up to the release of this album was how Mark could hold up as a lead singer. Well I can safely say he does not disappoint! 

Mark has an aggressive, yet melodic voice that suits the album and with the current state of hard rock/metal music being filled with screaming vocalists, hearing a melodic voice accompanying triplets and hot blazing solos is quite a pleasure. An example is "You Waste Your Time" will do well as the first single. The song itself reminds me of other melodic hard rockers such as Stone Sour and Five Finger Death Punch, but overall I think Tremonti has managed to make a distinguished sound of his own these tracks. 

If I were to keep on with the track by track review I would cover and praise this entire album and I don’t really want to do that for the sake of not boring you to tears. I will say though the character of just about every cut becomes obvious immediately, as if worn on the sleeve, and these songs run through a gamut of emotions.

Honestly, I can’t find any major gripes with All I Was. A hard rock album with some metal trimmings here and there, the overall feel upon listening is a resounding “Great”. Its like Alter Bridge but with Mark's voice. All I Was truly lets many of your inhibitions go and is a true showcase of Marks talent.

"All I Was" Track listing:
1. "Leave It Alone"
2. "So You'e Afraid"
3. "Wish You Well"
4. "Brains"
5. "The Things I've Seen
6. "You Waste Your Time"
7. "New Way Out"
8. "Giving Up"
9. "Proof"
10. "All I Was"
11. "Doesn't Matter"
12. "Decay"