JUNE 10th 2014

Review by YouFO

Band Members:
Angelo - Vocals
Flo - Drums
Rahman - Bass
Jimi - Lead Guitar
Alex - Rhythm Guitar

Genre - Thrash Metal

Hometown - Munich

Influences: Sepultura, Dark Angel, Forbidden, Exodus, Heathen….

So, I have been handed this CD to review, and know nothing about this band. I looked into them on Facebook and found that lead guitarist Jimi/ex-drummer Tim founded the band in the start of 2009. Soon after the bassist/vocalist and rhythm guitarist joined forming what they are considered to be a thrash metal band, having much influence from the USA Bay area. They have shared the stage with many well known bands.

In the beginning of 2014 their debut album was released “Decades of Pain”, there are 9 tracks to be listened to (approximately 38+ minutes) :

1. Arising Pain Music
2. Decades of Pain
3. World of Hate
4. Toxic Hell
5. Suicide Squad
6. Green: Music
7. Morbid Symphony
8. Priest of Lies
9. Obsession to Kill

The cover artwork was done by Peter Tikos (known for artwork of Alpha Tiger and Battlecreek).  It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Sündermann, Mountainside Studios in Rott, Germany.

First I have to say in this day and age, it has to be hard to make your mark in the thrash community, after all there are many a thrash band out there wanting to be recognized. Having reviewed many thrash metal bands, the first thing I noticed were the vocals, seemingly a lot like Rob Dukes of Exodus, but who else to emulate when trying to make your mark.  This is a true character thrash album, fast temp with a lot of aggression. But something I found refreshing was the high production quality, rare for a first album.

All the instruments are masterfully in sync with each other, guitars, bass and drums, making it flow in a thrash manner. It’s what you come to expect from thrash. This album,  fulfills your thrash need. I expect to hear more from this band, this album “Decades of Pain” was a great start to their career. If you are that thrash, brutal, aggressive fan, then this is the album for you.