MARCH 31st 2018

Review/Photos by: Char Tupper

A crisp, spring evening here in Abbotsford, and a chance to catch Matthew Good and Our Lady Peace on their “Tour Across Canada” run at the Abbotsford Centre.  There was a bit of concern for a little bit for Matthew Good, since the couple shows before this date were cancelled due to Matthew Good being emitted into the hospital with pneumonia back in Edmonton. Thankfully, with some rest in the hospital, and taking it easy on-stage in Kelowna the night before, Abbotsford was lucky enough to catch Matthew Good’s performance, along with Our Lady Peace for the final tour date. Sadly, I will mention there was another opening act for this tour, they’re called Ellevator, out of Ontario, a fellow Canadian band. I was quite disheartened that the tour poster, facebook event page, nothing made mention of them being on the bill. I would have liked to come down earlier to see their set also. Hopefully they come back on another run and can catch them then.

The stage darkened, one single spotlight shined on the microphone, Matthew Good emerged from the darkness and into the spotlight, the crowd cheered unlike any other show I have been to. You could tell this was a cheer of both support, but also love and compassion for what he recently went through in the hospital and fans showing their support by cheers of joy and happiness. After the cheering slowly came to an end, Matthew you could tell by his expression, that he was emotionally touched, and happy to be standing where he was. Beginning the set with Apparitions, performed in acoustic by Matthew alone, and gradually building up the set to tracks a bit more upbeat. Matthew was stationary most of the set, but give that he was in the hospital, I would say anyone in the same shoes would be calm during their set compared to jumping and moving around. That being said, the other band members gave a great performance too, but also lacked energy, you would think with Matthew not moving much, the others would compensate, but, they didn’t. That in my opinion, was a little disappointing, I know this isn’t a heavy metal show, and they won’t headbang, or give the horns, but I would expect a little more lively energy, to feel the roar of the crowd deep inside, doesn’t that give energy that makes you want to jump, or simply move? Maybe metal performances have raised my expectations for these kind of artists, where they strictly perform, and stand, versus giving a great performance plus, giving the crowd energy and enthusiasm, in which returns the feeling back to the band to give more! All that aside, I will say the band gave a great performance overall, Matthew’s voice sounded very clear and precise and the band, including Matthew, didn’t miss a beat.

Time to bring out Our Lady Peace to close out the evening, in fact, the last date of the tour. I remember Our Lady Peace from back when I was in High school, and everyone was head over heels in love with them. They had that specific sound of the 90’s, simple, catchy, and that clean voice to draw in fans from all walks of life, whether you were into pop, rock, or somewhere in-between, these guys had quite the large fan base back then, and clearly by the crowd, they still carry those fans along for the ride. Only difference now, the band has grown both literally, and figuratively, musically listening to tracks that were from after I branched out to other musical tastes, it is nice to see that bands take those bold moves and revolutionize their sound, their music. Our Lady Peace gave a great performance, and definitely a bit more energetic, I wouldn’t go and say “Whoa, look at all that energy”, but compared to the other, their set had songs a little more upbeat, and the crowd seemed to respond more enthusiastically to this as well. The whole band gave 100% to their performance, full of smiles, movement, even a headbang or two, which I was more accustomed to in my experiences, which made me feel more “at home” so to speak. For their final song of the night, Matthew Good and vocalist of Ellevator came together to perform “Hello Time Bomb”, which is a Matthew Good track. It was great to see all the vocalists collaborating together for their last night together. It was a great night of positive energy full of healing, but also love and support for all.