AUGUST 12th 2013

Review by: Metal Mom

Black Metal/Metal/Symphonic

Totleben - Composition / Guitars / Bass / Orchestration & Artwork
Narbengrund - Lyrics / Vocals / Concept
Schattendorn - Live Drums

Hometown:Germany,Swabian Alps, near Rottweil

Record Label - TBA

Influences:Desolation,Sorrow, Death, Insanity

2013 is the release of their debut album “Vom Seelensterben” it will be revealed to the world for the first time…..get ready, because this is a band that has given symphonic black metal its true name.

Out of Germany comes a band that has risen up since 2007. From the beginning of writing inspirational songs, and then combining the anger of black metal with coldness, and a touch of classical to make an assailing precise feeling to Totlebens music, they are making a name for themselves in the industry. And it’s no wonder, all you need to do is listen to their CD, and you will understand why.

 1. Die Prophezeiung
 2. Ein Traumgespinst
 3. Ein Monolog im Mondlicht
 4. Gefrorne Tränen
 5. Von Seelensterben
 6. Der Pakt
 7. Blutsegen - Die Stromende Erkenntnis
 8. Ein Neuer Prap
 9. In Tau Der Toten Morgensonne
Bonus Track :
10. Ein Monolog Im Mondsschein

Lets give credit to where credit is due, first the band, for putting together an exceptional album, not rushing, but taking the time to put some thought into what they wanted to put together. The guest musicians, such as Schinder Papst (Zanthropya EX) additional vocals on “Ein Traumgespinst”, Aggreash (Lyfthrasyr) additional choir on “Gefrorne Tears”, and Ani who did additional vocals on “Ein Monolog im Mondschein”. The producer Marc Globig (Warroom Studios, Spaichingen). The artwork and layout credit goes to Totleben (!), and photography 1st Mistress Photography.

First what caught my attention, was the fact its symphonic, I really enjoy the dark symphonic metal art, and I was not disappointed, this is not an in your face metal, it’s more poetic. I find it also impressive that without a label, they have done all this work on their own, the music, the lyrics, the artwork.

This is 45+ minutes of pure enjoyment. When you think of symphonic, I think of Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, Cradle of Filth, and there is no comparison in my eyes, it’s different, it’s their own, and extremely enjoyable.

You need to have this CD when it comes out, but I will try my best to describe what you will get. No matter where you listen to this, whether it’s in your home, the car, your ipod, you will get your fill of some pretty dynamic melodic metal, fast, but all flowing together with such ease music. There are also times that you just might get a shiver from some soft spoken vocals. Isn’t this making you want to grab it, truly they have executed this all to perfection. There are some instrumentals in here as well, and what they have done is create something that is coherent and sophisticated.

I won’t go into each song, because I will be here forever explaining every single little thing that I enjoyed about each one. I have to say too that I don’t usually care for instrumentals, but I really appreciated the talent that went into these songs. You name it, its here, brutal, symphonic, metal, raw, and all from 3 members.

If you have not heard of this band TOTENGEFLÜSTER , then it’s one that you need to check out. If you were to rate this CD, it would be nothing less then a 9 out of 10. I had not heard of them either, and I am really glad that we were asked to review this cd. I now have another band added to my listening pleasure. They deserve to be listened to, this really is an album that you need to have.