MARCH 2nd 2017

Review/Photos by: Char Tupper

Tonight, may be dreary, wet, British Columbia weather, but music fans alike are not going to let that ruin their night. The Abbotsford Centre is hosting the Tom Cochrane with Red Rider and opening guest, Meghan Patrick. Let us flash back to 25 years ago, in the “Mad Mad World” of Tom Cochrane, shall we?

Meghan Patrick opened the night with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which all the crowd around her and her bandmates, were very positive and invigorating to watch. Meghan formed only a short while ago, back in 2015 in fact. She used to perform with The Stone Sparrows, but parted and decided to push a solo career, which lead to her getting signed under Warner Brothers, and recording her debut album, “Grace and Grit” with producers Vince Gill and LeAnn Rimes, who both produced acts like Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, and more.  Meghan and the band put on a great show, give or take yes, it was country, and being MetalTitans, I know we focus on rock and metal only, but it was a unique “twist” to listen and watch a totally different genre.

The hour had struck 9pm, and it was time for Tom Cochrane with Red Rider to take the stage. Tom Cochrane is touring in support of the 25th anniversary of his landmark record, “Mad Mad World”, but also celebrating his reunion with old bandmates, Kenny Greer and Jeff Jones. This tour, the band is performing the album in its entirety, but also adding to the set, some fan favourites from Red Rider days. The set started with some visual images on the backdrop, alongside audio to accompany it, then slowly the band and Tom made their way to the stage and of course, opening with “Mad Mad World”. The set continued to go on with classics, but playing the full record, which for some of the tracks, Meghan Patrick came in and joined Tom to sing together, which I always enjoy when bands come together on the road, but also join one another’s set to create a one of a kind experience for the fans.

The evening overall was fantastic, filled with high energy and happy fans. This was a very diverse concert compared to the normal MetalTitans content, but I hope it may open some eyes, and maybe even expand our audience to new music coverage in the future. Seeing artists like this, whether it’s the most grim of black metal, or most catchy rock band, I like to hope that MetalTitans, for 2017 and years to come, shall continue to grow and expand both our website, but also our audiences musical taste and experiences.