OCTOBER 22nd 2011


Review by: Metal Mom

Well to start, I am not going into their previous CD’s because its all about this one, their newest release, which is self titled “Threat Signal”.

THREAT SIGNAL is Canada’s no.1 in modern metal and the members are Jon Howard (vocals), Pat Cavanaugh (bass/backing vocals), Travis Montgomery (lead guitar), Chris Feener (lead guitar) and on drums is Alex Rudinger. Its pretty hard to put this band into one genre, as they are influenced with melodic death metal, thrash, jazz, rock and a little Swedish death metal thrown in. So really, they have a sound they call their own.

Threat Signal was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by metal mastermind Zeuss at Planet Z in Massachusetts, (who has also worked with Hatebreed, Chimaira, All that Remains, plus many more) in just a month. This 9 track CD is pretty heavy, and this time around they played it with a 7 string and dropped the tuning to A#. For THREAT SIGNAL this Cd was a first, an all around effort, in the sense that every band member contributed musically and wrote on all the songs, along with playing on each.

The drumming on this CD is fast and furious, good combination with the guitars good groovy riffs, or should I say melodic shredding, sounds better for a metal band. The bass is always hard to pick out for me , but I know the bass fulfills the role of anchoring the harmonic framework and laying down the beat. Now the vocals, and let me tell you they are not boring, they are a full range from screams, to angry singing and then some melodic harsh vocals. Myself I preferred the melodic harsh, and the higher screams, but because there is such variety, you never really had one style for long. This album has it all, and its done well.

I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this CD when I first started listening, but then realized there was much to this album. You have got to give this a listen. You wont be disappointed.