JANUARY 21st 2017


Review by Lana Muirhead
Photos by Peter Ruttan
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/steel-panther-the-wild/

One of my favourite things is to discover new music either through friends or through opening bands at shows.  Though The Wild! are not new to me, they are one of my favourite ‘new’ bands to see live.  If you want high energy, balls-to-the-wall, non-stop rock’n’roll fusion, this is the band for you.  Gritty vocals, epic riffs, soulful bass, and animalistic drumming mashed together with an impeccable sense of timing, punky-blues bravado, and fetching melodies make The Wild! stand above and beyond the ‘rock’ of today.  You cannot help but love everything about the live show because there’s nothing about the show Dylan Villain (lead guitar and vocals), Boozus (bass and backing vocals), The Kid (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), and Reese Lightning (drums) don’t love about performing.  While they treat the gig like professionals, giving 110% of everything they’ve got, they are clearly having fun doing it; and the fun gets jacked on the crowd the same way their tunes do.

Snagging the opening slot for two nights at the Commodore Ballroom for headliners Steel Panther, what The Wild! may have lacked in raunch, they made up for in heart.  Appearing in their signature cuts, the band exploded into their set opener “Roadhouse” off their successful debut GxDxWxB.  Within minutes, the rowdiest of the crowd took their cue and started with the jumping and moshing, while others were happy to throw up the horns and headbang it out.

They continued with the first single off their newest effort, Wild At Heart, “Ready To Roll” (new album drops February 17th).  The band called on the crowd and the crowd answered while they raged through “Banger” and “Deuces”.  They worked the blues angle in their punk-hard rock way with “Slow Burn” and “What About You?” then closed with a monstrous rendition of “Party Til You’re Dead”.

Villain’s guitar matched his vocals as they both wove their way from soulful and sweet to gritty and aggressive.  He was well complimented by The Kid’s 6th sense for timely interjection and Boozus’ spot-on bass work.  Bringing it all together in bull-through-a-china-shop style was Reese Lightning and his mammoth presence as a foundational rhythmic pillar. The Wild! bled and sweat whiskey swiggin’, dirt kickin’, skirt chasin’, law breakin’ style through the set, despite their rather opposing headliners, known to be clad in pleather, sequins and hairsprayed for trouble.  They not only held their own but they set a new standard for the bar and there was not a crowd member who could argue.

As I’ve said in the past: if you haven’t seen these guys live, get at it.  Time will not stand still for your lazy ass and The Wild! will keep rocking right on by.  And while you’re out: time it to pick up their latest album and it’ll save the whining about needing another fix.