NOVEMBER 12th 2018
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper


Back in July is when I first heard about this tour, and thought this is one not to be missed. Once again, a joy to see Korpiklaani, plus getting to see Arkona as well, since I hadn't seen them since they toured on "The North American Principle Tour" in 2016, so I knew tonight was going to be great, 2 bands I hadn't seen in over a year ! I liked the idea too of just having two bands tonight. Longer sets, and more time to enjoy.

Up first is Arkona, their hometown being Moscow, and their style is all their own, Slavic Pagan/Folk Metal, you wouldn't think that the two would mix, but somehow Arkona has the talent to combine and have it stand out above all else. I love the fact that they also sing in their own language, giving it an interesting appeal. I forgot just how good they were. The floor was pretty full too tonight for Arkona. If you have ever seen them play live, you know the reason the floor was filled. There is a lot of energy, flutes, bagpipes added to the bass, drums, guitars and you have something so unique. Let's not forget the vocals of Masha, who once again outshines so many vocalists. She has a distinctive range to her vocals, giving us the fans so much more when listening. They played a variety of songs, and I heard nothing but great things after their set from people talking about just how amazing they are to watch. It was great too that we had over an hour of their music, with no real moshing, but horns in the air, or jumping. My kind of band and show. Really an exceptional band. Thank you Arkona.

Next we have the headliners,they call themselves Folk Metal Superstars, they are KORPIKLAANI. I haven't seen them since 2014 Paganfest at the Rickshaw Theatre, always a great venue for shows, and continues to put on great events. A great show then, and another one tonight. Korpiklaani I knew better than to stand up front, but thought I would try it for awhile, and I was fine, for a little bit that is. I decided I was better off listening and seeing them from a distance, so the back of the room it is. Sound is so much better, you can really appreciate the tones, and distinguish all the instruments from the back, making it so much more enjoyable. Sadly, I could only listen to about 5 songs, because I really didn't feel well, and still had an hour plus to drive home. But damn, those 5 songs, excellent choices. Great to see so many people there, even ones in their seats seemed to enjoy the show (I say that because most of the ones sitting, were on cell phones), why spend money and then sit on your phone, get up, throw your horns in the air, clap at the end of their songs, just enjoy yourself. I did from the back. They all looked to be enjoying themselves on stage too, might have been a little crowded for them, but they still moved around giving everyone a view of the guys. Looking around the room while they played it was fun to see all those drinking horns, all those kilts, and the face paint on fans. There is a lot of talent in this Finnish band. Wish I could have hung in there to cover all their songs that they were about to unleash on the Rickshaw Theatre. Those 5 songs though, killer ones. Don't miss out on the rest of their tour.

Remaining Tour Dates:

16.11 Sacramento, CA - Holy Diver
17.11 San Diego, CA - Aztec Theatre
18.11 Los Angeles, CA - Regent Threater DTLA
19.11 Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom
21.11 Dallas, TX - House of Blues
23.11 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
24.11 Richmond, VA - Capital Ale House
25.11 Philadelphia, PA- Theatre of Living Arts
26.11 Baltimore, MD - Soundstage